Hey you guys, my name is Tina Mudiay and in this first blog post of ours, I would like to not only introduce myself, but also give you a slight introduction to the rest of our in-office team. To start off, I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of this Pest Czar team. I am currently here as a marketing interning and I’ll be the person behind our blog posts and all other social media content, as I complete my undergrad studies this spring semester at Notre Dame of MD University.

During my time here, I hope to bring you all the content necessary not only to inform you on what our company does, but content which also allows you all to remain engaged each and every single day. Showing you the ins and out of our company and what we do, and the amazing individuals behind it all, doing the necessary things to keep things running smoothly

Now as an individual with an interest and passion for marketing, my favorite part about this study would have to be the social media segment of it all. Some may blame it on my age, some may blame it on all the technological advancements society continues to see, I blame it on both of those (because the go hand in hand) plus much more. So, my only wish it to provide valid customer satisfaction in making sure the content that we put out is the content that you all are hoping to hear and read about!

Now in our Towson location office, we have 4 main individuals who make up that team. First we have Sasa, who is the owner of Pest Czar. Next we have Erika, not only is she a co-owner of Pest Czar and a artist, but she is also a mother to 2 kids, and a wife to Sasa. Between Sasa and Erika, they handle all the top managerial tasks and everything that falls between that, customer service, and marketing. Then there’s Christine, who is our customer service specialist. So every time you call our office, the first person you’re guaranteed to speak to is her and she does an amazing job providing the best customer service to current and potential customers. Last but not least you have me, Tina. As mentioned, I’m the newest student marketing intern add-on.

Now that you have a better idea of who does what within the office, keep up with us through our social media accounts, and you’ll find out more about our team outside the office, including our pest specialists.

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