Lurking in the dark corners and undisturbed areas of the home, these six-eyed, eight-legged garden hunters are some of the most feared creatures in Baltimore! Arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders, is fairly common in the modern world. The dark, sometimes fuzzy bodies and sharp fangs of spiders make them terrifying predators in any backyard. Some of the most common spiders in the Maryland and Baltimore region include:

  • Cellar Spiders
  • Jumping Spiders
  • Wolf Spiders
  • Black Widow Spiders
  • Garden Spiders

Most spiders are relatively harmless, although none of them make for a welcome sight in the home. In some instances, spiders may grow into a full-on infestation on your Baltimore property.

The Baltimore Homeowner’s Best Spider Prevention Tips

If the right factors are in place, spiders will take over and appropriate human lodgings as their own. Following these prevention tips give homeowners an edge over these thankless arachnid freeloaders.

  • A good place to start with spider mitigation is to prevent other household pests from entering the home. Household invaders such as stink bugs, flies, and ants make up a large portion of the spider’s preferred menu. Regular pest control services from a professional team such as Pest Czar is an excellent way to manage pest populations.
  • Proper food and trash storage are vital for keeping away the pests that spiders feed on. Using airtight bins and resealable food containers is an excellent first step towards mitigation.
  • Clearing clutter from the home will remove potential harborage zones for spiders and spider webs.
  • If spider webs are found around the home, use a broom or dusting cloth to break them down.
  • Addressing moisture issues in the home will help to reduce spider activity and the pests they feed on.
  • Homeowners who know how to identify and seal up potential entry points are a step ahead of any infestation. Check screens and door sweeps for signs of damage, repairing as needed. Caulk any cracks around the structure that spiders or their pest prey could use to get inside.

Are the spider species in your home and lawn not responding to preventative measures? Get professional help now by scheduling a home inspection through Pest Czar today.

Pests Going Too Far? Call Up Pest Czar!

Refusing to address the spider attractants in your Baltimore home could be dangerous and even deadly in the long run. Although the majority of arachnid species in the United States are only frightening nuisance pests, there are several types that deliver painful bites that can require medical treatment. Many of the above prevention methods help homeowners keep spiders out in the first place, or even mitigate their damaging effects. However, DIY alone will not remove a rooted infestation from the home.

Contact Pest Czar today for more advice or assistance relating to the removal of spiders in the home. We understand that Baltimore homeowners want solutions that work quickly, safely, and efficiently. We strive to exceed expectations with every visit, removing the spider attractants both inside and outside the home. Residential plans offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means you will never see us leave without you fully satisfied and spider-free.

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