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Ants are a major problem for homes across the Baltimore, Maryland area in the spring and summertime, but they can strike at any time of year. In fact, your home provides the perfect environment for them to thrive all year-round if they can make it inside.

Don’t leave your Maryland home at risk for ants for one more day. If you’ve started seeing ants around your home, or are simply tired of seeing them on your lawn, call the ant removal experts at Pest Czar for help immediately. Our licensed and certified technicians are trained to identify and inspect for ants in your home in order to completely treat all ants on your property.


Our Ant Control Services

Pest Czar ant treatments follow a three-step process of inspection, treatment, and follow-up:


When you contact Pest Czar for ant control services, we’ll send a technician to your home to thoroughly inspect the property, including the basement and crawl space if accessible, for any and all signs of ant activity.

Our technicians pay special attention to at-risk areas of your home including:

  • Garages
  • Basements (behind insulation)
  • Crawl spaces
  • Exterior perimeter
  • Sheds/exterior structures
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Kitchen perimeter
  • Kitchen counters
  • Behind/under appliances
  • Inside pantry closets
  • Inside storage spaces

This inspection allows us to identify sources of current ant activity as well as conducive conditions that could lead to infestations in the future. Once the technician determines the location and factors of your ant problem, he or she will explain the treatment strategy to you.The most common ants in Maryland are the Odorous House Ants. Inside Baltimore Maryland homes, these ants usually construct their nests near a moisture source – such as inside wall voids, especially around hot water pipes and heaters. Nests can sometimes be found behind and inside insulation in basements and crawl spaces. Outside, these ants are mostly found underneath objects including stacks of lumber, firewood, bricks, potted plants, patio stones, and similar areas.


For treatment, your technician will use a combination of treatment methods for your ant problem, which may include the following actions:

  • Thorough visual inspection of most common ant “hot spots” on the interior and/or exterior of home
  • Documentation and communication of their observations that could potentially be conducive to ant activity or entry
  • Exclusion (sealing off cracks and crevices conducive to ant activity or entry (up to 1 linear ft. annually) using copper mesh wire or concrete/cement)
  • Placement of interior insect zone monitors (glue-boards)
  • Application of deterrent product(s) in and around potential ant entry/activity points such as door frames, window frames, exterior wall perimeter, pipes, cables entering wall foundations, etc.
  • Treating cracks and crevices with ant gel baits
  • Placement of ant bait discs
  • Crack and crevice application of appropriate liquid insecticide(s)
  • Application of granular insect bait on the interior/exterior (bait stations, voids, under mulch, etc.)
  • Spot treatment application of appropriate liquid insecticide(s)


Ants may take multiple visits in order to fully eliminate your property. We will discuss next steps and further treatment options with you in order to find the perfect solution for your home. The best way to protect your Maryland home moving forward is through an ongoing treatment plan from a certified pest control provider.

Pest Czar always recommends our ongoing Czar Guard protection program for ant and other pest issues. With Czar Guard, you will be covered for ants and a variety of other pests all year long! However, we also offer one-time ant services upon request.


One-time ant services come with a 30 day warranty, so if you need additional services, you can call us for a free reservice after the initial treatment has taken full effect.

Ants In Maryland

The most common ant threatening Annapolis, Maryland homes is the odorous house ant. Odorous house ants persistently seek food in homes and are named for the pungent, rotten coconut-like odor they give off when crushed. These ants are a native species and are found throughout the United States, but they are a major structural-invading species in our area.

Odorous house ant workers are monomorphic, about 1/16 to 1/18 of an inch long, with brown to black body coloration. Their antennae are 12-segmented, without a club. Workers feed on human foods if found inside and live and dead insects, honeydew, and other plant secretions if found outside. They are most likely to enter residential structures when their honeydew supply is reduced such as during rainy weather or with leaf fall in autumn. They typically follow guidelines or edges when trailing.

Odorous house ant colonies may be composed of several hundred to 100,000 ants, and there are usually many queens in a colony. Colonies typically produce four to five generations per year – meaning that they can quickly rebuild their numbers if the problem is not treated completely.

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