Say Goodbye to Mosquitos

Spending time in the backyard or patio is what summer is all about. So don’t let pesky mosquitos in Maryland ruin your plans this summer.

While fans, bug zappers, and bug sprays may help defend some family members from itchy mosquito bites, wouldn’t it be better if you could avoid mosquitos altogether? 

And why risk exposing you and your family to potential diseases that mosquitos may be carrying? 

Hire a certified pest control company to avoid the headache this year and get rid of mosquitos quickly. Pest Czar offers two types of mosquito control that combat mosquitos and help reduce other pests, including ticks and fleas. Choose between recurring mosquito yard sprays that eliminate 80% of mosquitos using an insecticide or the more “green” option of In2Care mosquito stations. 

In2Care Stations help eliminate mosquito larvae without using harsh sprays. However, these stations are only offered and handled by licensed pest control companies and cannot be purchased by individuals. 

Choose an option that fits your budget or preference, or use a combination of both for ultimate mosquito control.

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Mosquito Control Services

According to the CDC, the more people involved in mosquito control, the more effective it is regionally. Pest Czar does its part by helping control mosquitos outside your home or business using one or two effective control solutions. Choose between one product or use two in conjunction with each other for the best results. 

Mosquito Yard Sprays

Pest Czar offers mosquito yard spray services every three weeks from April to October (weather permitting) that help repel and reduce mosquito populations by 80% or more. A professional will spray the front, side, and backyards for maximum coverage and results. Once the spray has dried, people and pets can safely enjoy the yard again. The yard sprays can even cut back on flea and tick populations as a secondary benefit!

Customers will need to ensure that a technician has proper access to their yard for treatment and that all pets and people avoid the yard for 30 minutes after treatment. Let Pest Czar know any particular instructions, such as if you have a fish pond or vegetable garden that you want to avoid being sprayed.

In2Care Stations

Pest Czar is a certified pest control company in the Baltimore metro region that is allowed to provide In2Care Stations for mosquitos. In2Care Stations are specially designed to attract and kill mosquitos and their larvae without harsh sprays or foggers. 

The purpose behind In2Care stations is to attract egg-laying females so they can lay their eggs in the station. Once laid, the trap will kill the eggs, effectively reducing mosquito populations throughout the season. In2Care Stations can be effective for the long-term management of mosquitos, especially if you live near a pond, marsh, or any fresh body of water.

For best results, Pest Czar recommends customers eliminate any excess foliage or items in the yard that can collect water, as mosquitos only need a little water to breed and lay eggs. Stations must be serviced approximately every 30 days and require a shaded area for setup.

Mosquito Spray and In2Care Bundle

While both methods are guaranteed to reduce mosquito presence in your backyard, bundling a yard spray with In2Care Stations guarantees the best long-term results. Yard sprays will provide instant and temporary relief from pesky mosquitos, while In2Care Stations will guarantee that any mosquitos that hang around your yard do not reproduce for the next cycle.

Use both methods of mosquito control to get the maximum reduction in mosquitos! Plus, you can bundle our mosquito services with other Pest Czar services, such as Czar Guard and Sentricon termite monitoring, to receive a discount!

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