Dealing with any species of pest around your Annapolis, Maryland home can be frustrating, but not all pests are created equal. Certain pests, such as mice, can cause major problems for homeowners. Mice, in particular, are a two-fold threat as they cause property damage and pose health risks.

Also, the common house mouse is one of the most frequent home-invading pests in the area and throughout the United States. This is because they have become rather dependent on humans for their own survival, and they use our homes for shelter and because we provide quick access to ample food sources.

This is a problem, however, as mice are known to spread many different diseases such as salmonellosis and hantavirus, and they also often carry parasites including ticks and fleas. They can also cause many respiratory problems as their feces, urine, and fur build-up.

What Do Mice Look Like?

The common house mouse is a brown-grey color with cream-colored fur on its underbelly. It is a rather small rodent at only around five inches long, including its tail. This species has a long, thin tail and large ears and eyes in proportion to its body size.

What Attracts Mice To Homes?

Mice are attracted to many things surrounding homes, but they mainly look for food sources. They can survive off of all kinds of crumbs and food, and this includes pet food. They also prefer areas that are humid and provide a lot of cluttered places to hide.

The other issue is that mice can get inside relatively easily. They can fit through holes the size of a dime, and they can also chew their ways inside. Mice are able to gnaw through many materials, including drywall, plastic, wires, and even wood. This makes it difficult to shore up every area they might be able to get through.

Seven Mouse Prevention Tips

While mice are one of the more difficult pests in the area to prevent, there are still some effective measures you can follow to reduce the chance of a mouse infestation. Mainly, you should focus on reducing the factors that draw mice around in the first place and then work to make it more difficult for them to get inside.

Here are the seven steps to start with:

  1. Cover all vents with wire mesh.
  2. Seal up holes in the walls and foundation with materials mice can’t chew through, such as wire mesh and steel wool.
  3. Always wipe up food and drink spills when they occur.
  4. Get tight-fitting lids for garbage cans both in your home and outside.
  5. Regularly reduce clutter. This includes garages and other outbuildings.
  6. Store pet food in a sealed container inside the house.
  7. Clean kitchens on a regular basis. Make sure to sweep, mop, and do dirty dishes regularly.

How Can You Remove A Mouse Infestation?

While some homeowners try to remove mice using DIY methods, these are rarely effective. Products like traps and bait might get a few individuals, but the rest of the infestation will remain.

Instead of wasting time and money, let the residential pest professionals at Pest Czar take it from here. We will remove any existing rodent problems and then offer ongoing treatments to keep mice away throughout the year.

To get started, all you have to do is contact us to request a free quote.