Bed bugs aren’t fun for anyone much less the people of Baltimore. They disrupt people’s lives and leave behind irritatingly itchy bites that only add to the misery. To make matters worse, it’s usually a mystery as to how the bed bugs even got inside the property, to begin with.

For starters, it’s a myth that bed bugs only exist in dirty places. Even the cleanest homes, hotels, and other places that house people can have a bed bug infestation. This is because bed bugs need people instead of filth like some other pests.

How Infestation Occurs

Bed bugs in Baltimore are considered hitchhikers because they cling to people’s clothing, belongings, and other similar items to get around. For this reason, the major hotspots to attract bed bugs are actually outside of the home. Some examples include:

  • Public Transportation: People share taxis, plane seats, bus seats, subway cars, and other modes of transportation every single day. This offers bed bugs plenty of opportunities to cling to you and your stuff and go along for the ride. Since planes can travel internationally, it’s possible to have an infestation occur because you came near someone traveling from another country.
  • Laundromats: This location may seem innocent, but it’s actually a significant source of concern when it comes to bed bugs. With their ability to cling to clothing and the number of people that go in and out every day, the potential for infestation is alarmingly high.
  • Secondhand Shopping: Now, more than ever, people are looking for secondhand items thanks to apps, online marketplaces, and other resources in search of a better deal. While they can save you money, the “new” furniture can cost you peace of mind thanks to active bed bug infestations.

Preventing the Infestation

Prevention is much easier to accomplish than control. Just make sure to remain fully aware and get a head start with the following tips:

  • Lift Your Belongings: Bed bugs can more easily reach items on the ground like luggage, clothes that didn’t make it to the hamper, and so on. The best way to prevent an infestation is to keep everything up and off the floor.
  • Inspect Belongings: There’s a lot of risks when you bring something into the home from somewhere else. Whether it’s luggage, laundry, or even new furniture, the first thing you should do is inspect these items before bringing them inside. Bed bugs especially like dark spots and creases so be sure you’re thorough in your inspection.
  • Check The Room: When traveling, you’re most at risk to pick up this hitchhiker. The easiest way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to carefully inspect your hotel room and whatever you sit on before deciding to stay. Identifying an infestation now prevents one from happening.

While you might be tempted to address any potential bed bug infestations on your own, it’s far better to trust in professionals trained in bed bug control. Bed bugs are notorious for their fast reproduction and immunity to most pesticides.

Eliminate The Bed Bugs With Pest Czar

Active bed bug infestations not only ruin your sleep, but they disrupt the very feeling of safety and comfort homes are supposed to bring. That’s why at Pest Czar we focus on providing fast and effective bed bug solutions to eliminate them and ensure they stay out for good!

Our initial treatment is often enough to eliminate the entire population of bed bugs in the home thanks to our thorough and comprehensive approach. However, we also provide a quarterly treatment as well as ongoing protection against future bedbug infestations. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, contact our team at Pest Czar to inquire about our professional bed bug services and get started on living pest-free.