If you’ve never experienced bed bugs, chances are you know someone who has or have heard horror stories. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and grime but instead, blood, heat, and carbon dioxide, making humans the perfect host for these blood-feeding pests.

They are notorious hitchhikers and travel via luggage, clothing, and furniture. Having routine pest control in Baltimore is essential to keeping these blood-feeding pests out of your house.

What Do Bed Bugs In Baltimore Look Like?

First and foremost, what do bed bugs look like? Adult bed bugs look like thin (credit card thin) apple seeds. They are dark brown and black until they feed, and after they are red or purple and slightly swollen. If you notice rust stains or smears on your bedding, mattress, or cloth furniture, you might have bed bugs. Although their bites are not harmful or painful, they do bite, just itchy. If you notice new bites on you and they are in a straight line, bed bugs are the likely culprit.

Are You Struggling With A Bed Bug Infestation?

If you have found actual bed bugs, rust-colored smears, shedded skins, or you notice more bites on yourself in the morning, you may have bed bugs. You can take bed bug control into your own hands by checking your mattress, rugs, and furniture, but you can’t find these anti-social nocturnal pests easily.

That’s why hiring professionals from Pest Czar is your best bet to get rid of the infestation for good. Highly trained experts know where to look, what to look for, and how to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are more intelligent than we give them credit for, and if you want to use DIY methods such as steaming and washing clothing and bedding on high heat, although that does not hurt, it will not eliminate the infestation. Certain DIY chemicals send bed bugs to another area of your home where they will continue to reproduce and make the infestation even worse in the long run.

How To Properly Deter Bed Bugs

Here are a few bed bug control techniques for your home:

  • Check your luggage for signs of bed bugs before bringing it into your house.
  • If bringing second-hand furniture into your home, check the seams, fabric, and underneath for any signs of bed bugs.
  • Use a protective mattress cover to guard against bed bugs and eliminate a favorite hiding spot simultaneously.
  • Vacuum and clean regularly to remove pests, casings, egg sacs, or other attractants.
  • Try to keep your clothes and other clutter off the floor.
  • Seal cracks and crevices around light sockets, baseboards, and any other crevices or void areas in the room.
  • When returning from a trip or purchasing new clothes, wash and dry all clothing on high heat.
  • Know how to identify a bed bug and what to do if you find them.
  • Have regular residential pest control from Pest Czar.

These pests are very resilient and can survive up to a year without feeding; for this reason, following these tips and having local pest control for bed bugs is essential to keep these bugs out of your home.

Professional Bed Bug Control In Baltimore

Contact Pest Czar for knowledgeable bed bug control in Baltimore to eliminate bed bugs from your home and prevent them from returning. Our highly trained and experienced professionals will come to your home to inspect, service, and implement a GreenPro-certified pest protection plan to keep these pesky insects from returning.

Call Pest Czar today for eco-friendly bed bug control services and sleep soundly, knowing you are not the main course at a bed bug banquet.