When we think about pest control in Annapolis, most people’s thoughts immediately jump to rats, mice, bed bugs, and cockroaches. However, many people forget that there are carpenter bees in Annapolis. Carpenter bees in Maryland are capable of causing quite a bit of damage to your home. Read on to learn about the best way to get rid of carpenter bees in Annapolis and how Pest Czar can help you accomplish this!

How Can I Tell If It’s Carpenter Bees On My Property?

Termites and carpenter ants cause similar damage to Annapolis homes, so sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if the damage you’re seeing is actually caused by carpenter bees. Below are some ways to help you better understand carpenter bee behavior, making it easier for you to see if carpenter bees are nesting on your property:

  • Bored holes: Carpenter bees will bore holes into the wooden siding of your home. If you have any other wooden structures on the property, such as a shed, fence, or barn, carpenter bees will bore into those as well. They do this because they build their nests inside the wood, making carpenter bee removal much more difficult than other bees. These holes are perfectly circular and about a half-inch in diameter.
  • Sawdust: Wherever carpenter bees are boring holes, there will be sawdust left over. Little wooden shavings will be left behind as they bore their holes into wooden beams.
  • Tunnels in wood: If you peel back the wood in your home or other wooden structure and find tunnels carved out in the beams, this could be a sign that carpenter bees are nesting nearby.

How Dangerous Are Carpenter Bees?

Though they may be small, finding carpenter bee holes in Annapolis homes is a big deal. Much like termites and carpenter ants, carpenter bees are capable of causing tremendous problems for Annapolis homeowners and are rather dangerous:

  • Structural damage: If left untreated, a carpenter bee infestation can, at best, cost you thousands of dollars in damages due to the nests they build in the wood boards of your home. At worst, they can compromise the structural integrity of your house, making it unsafe to live in.
  • Stings: Carpenter bees as a whole are not particularly aggressive. In fact, male carpenter bees don’t even have stingers. However, the females do and will sting you or your family if they feel threatened. These stings are painful and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Unfortunately, you could get stung simply by walking by a wood board where these pests have built a nest.

What’s The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Carpenter Bees?

The best carpenter bee treatment is prevention. Some carpenter bee deterrent tips include hanging a fake wasp nest at your house, as carpenter bees try not to nest in areas where they think wasps are present. You can also keep carpenter bees away by treating exposed wood, such as on your home or fence, with primer and several coats of exterior paint. If carpenter bees used to be present at your home, or a professional has exterminated an existing hive, it is important to fill up any of the holes they bored with putty, as it will discourage new bees from trying to pick up where the others left off.

How Can I Prevent Carpenter Bees From Coming Back To My Property?

Carpenter bees in Annapolis are a huge issue. Like termites, they work rather quietly, and by the time you even realize they’re there, they could have already cost you your home’s structural integrity. Because they are so difficult, the best way to get rid of carpenter bees in Annapolis is to contact the experts here at Pest Czar. Founded in 2013, our technicians work to provide homeowners with safe and effective pest control, using environmentally-friendly products and solution-oriented strategies. Don’t let carpenter bees destroy your home — call us today!