Pest control in Annapolis is our specialty – we’ll handle your bed bug problems for you. That said, it helps to stay informed on some bed bug basics so that we can make the most accurate assessment of your situation.

Let’s start at the beginning with some information that you, the homeowner, will do well to arm yourself with. If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs, check out our tips below.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are very small yet very common insects that live (as their name implies) on our bedding. They aren’t picky enough to say no to clothing and carpeting, but they love our bedding and even our skin! Sorry if this is your first time hearing it.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Sneak Their Way Into Our Homes

If you thought ladybugs in autumn or flies in the summer were tough to keep out of your home, you’re in for a surprise. Those pesky insects are indeed troublesome, but they have nothing on bed bugs when it comes to sneaking inside your house.

Here are a few obvious and not-so-obvious ways that these bed hogs get inside our bedrooms:

  • On our clothes and belongings, and even in our cars after giving others a lift
  • Through open windows and doors, particularly when it’s warm outside.
  • Through cracks in paint, wallpaper, and floorboards; because they’re so nimble and tiny, bed bugs can wander over from adjacent apartments or houses and slip through cracks you probably can’t even see
  • From guests in our home – they’re real couch potatoes, too!

Bed bugs have plenty more tricks up their sleeves when it comes to getting inside your home – and staying there once they do. Thankfully, there are a number of bed bug control techniques for your home that are easy, practical, and affordable.

The Best Way To Completely Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

The best and usually only way to completely get rid of bed bugs is to have a professional handle the situation. These critters are very difficult to deal with on your own, so bed bug treatment isn’t exactly a DIY project.

There’s certainly something to be commended about wanting to tackle a bed bug infestation on your own. Unfortunately, these unwelcome pests are more than capable of avoiding or surviving the worst a typical homeowner can throw at them.

Getting rid of bed bugs is a very specific and challenging endeavor, and it’s best left to those who are trained to handle it. The best way to get rid of bed bugs entirely is to have a professional assess your specific situation. So, if you’ve got bed bugs, there’s no reason to panic. The best local pest control for bed bugs is already only a phone call away.

Pest Czar is the number one authority in town when it comes to eliminating bed bugs. We offer the most thorough and all-encompassing removal service possible and use only the leading industry best practices and techniques. That’s how pest control can kill bed bugs that the average homeowner simply cannot.

If you’re looking for the best bed bug pest control near you, we are the answer.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs From Coming Back

Thankfully, there are some things the average homeowner can do to get a jump start on bed bug removal. Keeping a few tips in mind can help you keep your sleeping area as clean as possible or slow an infestation down while you call the pros in.

  • Hit the laundry room! Subject all your clothes to the hot water cycle, and you can be sure that any bed bugs and eggs present on them will be killed.
  • Observing safety precautions, use a steamer or steam cleaning device on your bedding, and any fabric or carpets around your bedroom. These areas are great hiding spots for bed bugs, so it’s important to subject the whole area to high temperatures.
  • Get a mattress bag that goes under your bedding. It won’t make your sleep any less comfortable, but it will trap any bed bugs inside the bag and kill them. This alone won’t get rid of an infestation, but it’s a great start.
  • Check for bed bugs on your clothes when you come home from a hotel or a friend’s house, etc. – these little pests love to hitch a ride on our clothing straight to our beds!

It’s important to note that these are just starter tips – bed bug infestations aren’t easy to get rid of once they’ve taken hold. Suffice it to say; they’re very persistent. These tips will, however, help you slow down the spread of bed bugs or keep them away once they’ve been removed.

If bed bugs have become a problem for you or your loved ones, you’re not powerless – give Pest Czar a call, and we’ll gladly lead the charge back to worry-free sleep.