Winter is here, and that means mice are looking for new places to nest. 

If you start hearing sounds inside your walls or find mouse droppings around your house, then it could indicate a mouse infestation.

This guide will walk through all of the steps required to get rid of mice in your Maryland home once and for all, from DIY traps to reaching out to a professional. 

Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation in Maryland

If you suspect mice are throwing secret parties in your home, look out for some dead giveaways. 

  • Droppings: Small, dark fecal pellets found in kitchen cabinets, drawers, or other secluded areas, indicating the presence of mice.
  • Gnaw Marks: Chewed or gnawed areas on food packaging, wiring, or furniture, suggesting the activity of mice seeking nesting materials or food.
  • Scratching Noises: Audible sounds of scratching or scurrying, especially at night, often indicating the movement of mice within walls, ceilings, or floor voids.
  • Nesting Materials: Discovery of shredded paper, fabric, or other soft materials used by mice for nesting, typically found in hidden corners or within stored items.
  • Visible Tracks: Smudges or tracks along baseboards, walls, or dusty surfaces, revealing the pathways mice take as they move around the house.
  • Unexplained Holes: Small holes or openings in walls, floors, or around the foundation, through which mice may enter or exit the premises.
  • Urine Odor: A distinctive, ammonia-like smell in confined spaces, indicating the presence of mouse urine in areas they frequent.
  • Pet Behavior Changes: Unusual behavior in pets, such as increased interest in specific areas, corners, or sudden excitement, may signal the presence of mice.
  • Stale or Musty Odor: A lingering, unpleasant odor resulting from mouse nests, urine, or feces in hidden or less-accessible areas of the home.
  • Sightings: Direct observation of mice, especially during the evening or early morning hours, darting across the floor or along walls.

Most likely, you will encounter common house mice in your home, which are small and brown/gray in color. 

Unfortunately, containing mice can be quite difficult due to their small size. With only three to four grams of food per day needed—and squeezing through holes as small as 1/4 inch—you’ve got yourself quite the challenge. 

This is why we have pros specializing in rodent activity clean-up duty or preventing them in the first place with our popular Czar Guard home service, which provides round-the-clock pest control. 

Ways on How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Maryland Home

Mice are crafty little critters, but they’ve met their match with these tried-and-true methods. 

Seal Up Entry Points

Mice can squeeze through spaces as small as a dime, making your home’s foundation an all-access pass to these unwelcome guests. They often find their way into homes by exploiting gaps around electrical wiring or plumbing that lead inside from the outside world.

To fortify your fortress against these furry invaders, start with sealing cracks and openings along baseboards, door frames, and windows. 

Remember those utility lines? That’s right—seal entry points where utilities enter your house, too. And don’t forget about vents; mice can use them like secret tunnels straight into your pantry if you’re not careful.

But it’s not just about blocking paths; trimming tree branches away from rooftops takes away their bridge to sneak in undetected. 

Did you know professional pest control services consider even spaces mice love under eaves crucial spots for exclusion efforts? Because yes, those high-up places matter, too.

Eliminate Food Sources

Mice can survive on scraps—just three to four grams daily—and your leftovers are gourmet meals for them. Keep everything—from pet food in bowls to cereal—in airtight containers. 

Remember, if it smells yummy and accessible, mice will be there. And if your pets are sloppy eaters, try to keep the areas clean—mice can smell that food from far away and will do anything to grab it. 

Use Traps and Baits

Mice traps and baits are highly effective, but it’s important to pay them in the right areas. Adding traps around cracks and gaps where mice tend to congregate will yield the best results [Learn More: How to Get Rid of Mice When Traps Don’t Work]. 

Clean Up Garbage and Clutter

Clutter serves as the perfect hiding spot for mice to hide out from predators while staying close enough to sneak into food areas when hunger strikes. Eliminate clutter inside and outside of your house so mice have fewer places to hide and they can be spotted more easily. 

Using Natural Deterrents Against Mice

Mice have a strong dislike for certain scents, making natural deterrents an effective way to keep them at bay. 

For instance, peppermint oil is not just for freshening your breath; it can also send mice running in the opposite direction. Soak cotton balls in this potent oil and tuck them into corners where you suspect mice hang out.

If peppermint doesn’t do the trick, try concocting a hot pepper solution to make their tiny eyes water. Mix some pepper flakes with water, let it stew until it’s pungent, then spray it around potential entry points. The smell alone could be enough to turn your home into a no-mouse zone.

Hire a Pest Control Company

When mice start acting like they own the place, it’s time to call in the pros. A professional pest control company like Pest Czar isn’t just about setting traps; we’re experts at rodent control in Maryland and have a knack for outsmarting these whiskered intruders. 

We understand that mouse populations can soar with ample food sources—so part of their secret sauce is cutting off this buffet line.

Again, Mice are crafty critters and can squeeze through tiny gaps as small as 1/4 inch to enter homes, making them unwelcome houseguests. 

That’s where pest management comes into play—we will seal up those entry points so no creature can come in and apply an organic insecticide that keeps them out. We know all about those popular mouse hangouts and use this intel to strategically place bait stations around your home.

Armed with these tips and tricks, victory over vermin will be yours!

FAQs: How to Get Rid of Mice

What scent will keep mice away?

Mice hate strong, minty scents. Peppermint oil can send them packing. Just dab some on cotton balls and scatter them where you’ve seen the critters.

How do you keep mice away permanently?

To ditch mice for good, seal up entry points and maintain a clean house without food scraps or clutter. Consistency is key.

Why do I have mice in my house all of a sudden?

Sudden mouse appearances? They’re likely seeking shelter or grub due to weather changes or nearby construction disturbing their homes.

How long does it take to get rid of mice?

Battling a mouse problem takes about two weeks with traps and diligence. For tougher cases, pros might be needed.