Have you ever found a wasp inside your home? Trying to eliminate one of these dangerous stinging insects can be a stressful endeavor. Even if you haven’t been stung in a long time, surely you remember how painful a sting is and would do anything to avoid getting another one. The question is: what attracts wasps to your yard? Also, how can you keep these pests out of your home? We are here today to answer these questions and to provide you with some ways to reduce factors that attract wasps to your Annapolis property. If you need help with wasps inside your home or on your property, do not hesitate to call our team. A potential infestation is not something you want to sit on, literally.

How To Tell If Its Wasps Hanging Around Your Yard

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify an infestation of wasps, not because of a lack of wasps flying around, but because nests are not always built in the open. If you see a few wasps buzzing around in your yard, that means there is a nest somewhere nearby, but not necessarily on your property. To find out if there is a nest on your property, check these areas.

  • Around and inside trees
  • Inside rotting logs
  • On electrical poles
  • Under the eaves of buildings
  • Beneath awnings
  • Around the rooflines of sheds
  • Inside garages
  • Inside attic spaces
  • Above your closed-in porch
  • Inside holes around your property

Something to keep in mind when looking for wasp nests is that some species are aggressive to people who get too close to their nests. If you are looking for a safer method of wasp identification, let one of our team members at Pest Czar pay your property a visit. We will check around for nests and inform you of what we find.

Some Types Of Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

All wasps have painful stingers and venom. All wasps are not, however, aggressive. The three most common types of wasps in Maryland are paper wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. Of these three species, paper wasps have the most painful stings but are the least aggressive. Yellow jackets, on the other hand, become very aggressive during the late fall while they are preparing their queens for winter. Interestingly enough, you can stand right next to all three of these species without them stinging you as long as you are a good distance from their nest. Keeping this in mind, always proceed with caution when dealing with stinging insects.

Factors That Attract Wasps To Your Yard

There are several things that attract wasps to area properties. Let’s start with food sources. Wasps like to eat food that is high in protein or sugar. They will consume insects, cookout food, sugar water, honeydew, fruits, berries, and a wide range of other tasty treats. The more of these food sources you have on your property, the more likely you will be to have trouble with wasps. The other thing that draws in wasps is shelter opportunity. This includes holes in trees, rotting logs, abandoned burrows, and protected eaves around your home and outbuildings.

How To Safely Remove A Wasp Infestation From Your Property

The best way to get rid of a wasp nest is with wasp removal, courtesy of Pest Czar. We offer fast and reliable services to remove stinging insect nests from area properties. We would be happy to put our expertise to use and address a wasp problem in your yard or home. Call now to talk about our Annapolis pest control options and schedule your property for wasp control services.