There’s nothing that ruins a great outdoor event quite like hornets, wasps, and other stinging insects.

The mood is sure to switch from summer fun to fear when these common nuisances descend upon your property, spreading chaos everywhere. Some of these hive-building bugs are active throughout the year, but summer marks the beginning of their peak activity period. The consistently high temperatures, coupled with humidity, signals to the bugs that it’s time to find new places to build nests. Wasp and hornet eggs become full adults about a month after they hatch, making July one of the worst seasons for stinging insects.

Here are some tips to keep wasps, hornets, and other stinging pests out of the yard, out of the house, and most importantly, off of your skin.

Stinging Insect Prevention Tips

  • To keep your loved ones safe, be sure to keep a close watch over all aspects of your lawn’s maintenance. The effects of stings from wasps, hornets, and other ill-tempered insects can be extremely painful, and catastrophic to an allergy-prone individual.
  • After eating, keep outdoor areas clean, and lids on trash cans—the scent of sweet food is particularly attractive to stinging insects.
  • If your chimney does not have a cap, consider purchasing one. Chimney caps help to keep lots of different pests out of your home, including stinging bugs.
  • Keep all doors to the outside closed when not in use. Open spaces invite wasps and hornets to explore new areas.
  • Seal cracks and crevices in your walls as soon as you notice them.
  • Standing water attracts a lot of pesky household vermin. Fill in dips in your yard with topsoil, and clean birdbaths and fountains often.
  • Wear light-colored clothing to keep wasps off your skin.

Preventative methods used on your property can be somewhat successful at keeping stinging pests at bay, but they can’t keep them from multiplying once they have a foothold in your yard.

Leave it to the Czars

If stinging insects have already infested your property, a professional pest control service is always the best option. Contact us today at Pest Czar, where customer service is always at our core.

Using a variety of methods, we inspect, treat, and use proactive measures to keep your favorite outdoor spaces pest-free all summer long. All of our pest control plans are GreenPro certified, making them tough on bugs and worry-free for homeowners. Stop the stingers before they ruin your summer. Call or click today for your free quote, or to schedule your no-obligation home inspection with one of our informative and friendly pest control technicians.