From February 28th to March 1st, 2024, Erika Milenkovic, the owner of Pest Czar, was among the prominent attendees at the seventh annual Growth Summit hosted by Pest Management Professional (PMP) magazine in Orlando, Florida. 

This event stands out as a premier networking opportunity, uniquely designed for both buyers and sellers in the pest management industry. It encompasses one-on-one meetings, comprehensive educational sessions, and ample opportunities for professional networking. 

For Milenkovic, the summit served as an invaluable platform for exploring innovative products, staying abreast of the latest industry trends, and forging new partnerships to enhance service delivery to her clients.

PMP Editor-in-Chief Heather Gooch, a veteran in the pest management industry since 1995, articulates the summit’s core objective: “We aim to unite leading figures in pest control with top manufacturers and service providers to share insights and best practices. 

“This synergy not only sparks inspiration but also equips participants with practical strategies to accelerate their business growth. Feedback from past attendees consistently highlights the pivotal role the Growth Summit plays in facilitating business expansion.”

Echoing these sentiments, Milenkovic reflects on her experience: “This was a very well-organized event where I had the opportunity to meet in depth with many pest control owners, entomologists and industry experts. 

“I was able to gain and share a lot of knowledge and experience on many topics, from marketing to pest control tools. I love building a strong network, and my meetings here will definitely help further my goals.”

The PMP Growth Summit distinguishes itself as a cornerstone event for pest control professionals seeking to expand their industry knowledge and cultivate regional partnerships. Milenkovic’s consistent participation underscores her commitment to continual learning and her aspiration to enhance her service offerings.

As a trailblazing female entrepreneur in the pest management sector, Milenkovic, one of the few females in the pest control industry, brings a unique perspective to each Growth Summit, contributing to the industry’s evolution and success. 

She anticipates her return in 2025, eager to share the insights gained over the year and to learn from her peers, further contributing to the collective growth and innovation of the pest management industry.