Bed bugs are miserable pests. They typically come out at night to feed and they leave irritating wounds on the skin. If you have these bugs in your Baltimore home, you probably want them gone. If so, you’ll find some helpful bed bug control techniques here to do just that. Here is a quick guide to getting rid of bed bugs in your Baltimore home, provided by the on-staff pest control experts at Pest Czar.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How do you get rid of bed bugs? Let us start by saying, it isn’t easy. Bed bugs hide in tight spaces, dark voids, and in other places that are difficult to treat. You may not be able to find them to get rid of them on your own. When you don’t find them, it is best to reach out to a licensed professional for bed bug control services. There is only one thing more miserable than having bed bugs bite you while you’re sleeping, and that is spreading money, time, and energy trying to get rid of them only to have them keep biting you while you’re sleeping!

How To Check For Bed Bugs

Before you do your check for bed bugs, get your vacuum ready. While there are products that can be sprayed on bed bugs to exterminate them, it is best to just suck the bugs up and put the vacuum bag outside. Once you have that vacuum ready, here’s how to check for bed bugs:

  • Inspect your beds first. Strip your bedding and lift your mattress. The first place you’re likely to find bed bugs is in the space between. Before you do, take a look on the internet to learn what bed bugs look like. This will help you find them faster. If you see them, suck them up.
    Inspect your home. Search for black streaks and shed skins on baseboards, outlet covers, and crown molding. If you find them along your carpet edge, suck them up!
  • Inspect your bags and luggage. Now that you know what bed bugs look like, search your bags for them. Also, inspect cracks for shed skins and tiny white eggs. Suck up anything you find.
  • Inspect furniture that is near beds. Look for black streaks, dried brown stains, and shed insect skins to determine whether or not an item has bed bugs in it. If you can find bed bugs where they hide, suck them up.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs When You Don’t See Them

If you do an inspection and you don’t find bed bugs, don’t be surprised. These pests are experts at hiding. At this point, you might think it is time to invest in bed bug control services, but there are a few more things you can do.

  • Put clothing items through a hot wash and a dryer cycle. This kills bed bugs in all stages of development. Heat is natural pest control for bed bugs.
  • If you have bags or other items that can be put through a 30-minute dryer cycle, this is a good way to exterminate bed bugs.
  • If you have an object you think bed bugs are hiding in, and you’re able to, seal it in a plastic bag and stick it in a freezer for three days.
  • Put furniture items outside of your home and have a licensed professional come to treat them.

How Pest Control Gets Rid Of Bed Bugs

Baltimore residents use many bed bug control techniques that don’t work. Some use natural pest control for bed bugs. Others go after these bugs with all kinds of chemicals and bed bug control products. When these fail, it can make you wonder how pest control gets rid of bed bugs. What do professionals do? We’d love to have this conversation with you. At Pest Czar, we use field-tested methods to overcome the challenge of bed bug control. If you live in Baltimore, reach out to us with questions, or to request service. We can help.