Baltimore is a wonderful place to live, a city with historical roots and a lively downtown area. Just like many cities, it can also, unfortunately, be a frequent home for a variety of unwanted pests, including ants. The two most common types of ants that cause problems for homes and properties in Baltimore are Odorous house ants and pavement ants. If you believe you have a pavement or odorous house ant infestation, all Baltimore pest control companies will advise you to take action immediately.

Facts About Odorous House Ants And Pavement Ants

Both odorous house ants and pavement ants in Baltimore are common nuisances for homeowners. Because these pests are so common, it is important to be able to identify them and understand what attracts them to enter the home.

Both of these ants are small, with odorous and pavement ant sizes ranging between 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch. Odorous ants get their name from their defense mechanism of releasing a coconut smell to deter any predators when threatened and are colored in varying shades of brown and black. Pavement ants tend to build their nests around or under pavement such as sidewalks and driveways and are also typically shades of brown and black. These ants primarily enter homes in search of food and water.

If you have seen ants around your home, feel free to reach out to Pest Czar, a local Baltimore area ant and pest control specialist, for expert advice on your unique situation.

Why You Do Not Want These Ants In Your Home

Odorous house ants and pavement ants are primarily considered a nuisance; they bite, but it typically does not cause much pain, and they are not venomous. Although these pests do not pose a significant direct threat to humans, they can be very problematic, which is why effective ant control is important. One reason these ants can become so problematic is that they often live in colonies with up to tens of thousands at a time. It is vital to take action quickly at the first sign of ants before the colony expands. The main threat that ants pose is to contaminate food in your home. They are attracted to many different sources and types of food, and large numbers of ants become impossible to deal with on your own.

Ways You Can Prevent Ants

There are practical ways to prevent a pavement or odorous house ant infestation on your property and entering your home. Some of the most effective ways for homeowners to prevent ant infestations include:

  • Not leaving any food out, especially uncovered food.
  • Cleaning and sweeping up crumbs from the floor and other surfaces of the home.
  • Sealing any cracks in the walls or other parts of the property that could provide access to ants.
  • Keep garbage cans and bins covered. Remnants of food left in the trash are a common source of ants.

Even with these practical prevention tips, you may still find yourself dealing with an ant infestation. In the end, the best way to keep ants off of your property all year long is to partner with the pest control professionals at Pest Czar.

How To Permanently Keep Ants Out

While taking preventative measures is an essential step in effective ant control for your home or property, if they gain a foothold on your property, professional service is necessary. Pest Czar, a local ant and pest control specialist, has been serving the greater Baltimore area since 2013. Featuring an expertly trained team of pest technicians and exceptional customer service, our team will work with you to formulate an ant extermination plan or any other pest control service that is customized for your unique situation. Call us or visit our website today to receive a free quote and schedule a no-obligation pest inspection.