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In Barnesville, we have a wide range of common pests. These pests don’t take a break, so neither can your efforts to keep them out of your home or business. There are two ways to go about pest control in Montgomery County. You can do one or both of them. The first is pest maintenance. There are many methods for reducing pest populations, deterring pests activity, and keeping pests out. You can do these yourself or have a licensed pest specialist handle them for you.The benefits of hiring someone are obvious. Your specialist will handle this job for you and use his or her education and experience to do it right. On top of this, a pest specialist stays on top of this important job and makes sure it isn’t neglected. Life gets busy and it is easy to put pest control on the back shelf.

The second way to deal with pests is to use products. These should always be applied by a professional. There are many ways DIY pest treatments can actually make problems worse. Let’s take a look at a few examples of how professionals handle unique residential and commercial pest control issues. At the end, we’ll give you some prevention tips to help with two common pests we have in Barnesville.

Home Pest Control In Barnesville, MD

n many cases, a pest specialist will do things you can do yourself. They simply take this job off your shoulders. An example of this is the removal of spider webs and wasps’ nests. Pest maintenance can be a chore, and when it isn’t done routinely, spiders and wasps can create a greater problem than the creation of ugly webs and nests.

There are specific products and methods a trained home pest control professional can bring to bear on pest problems, such as:

  • Installation of the award-winning Sentricon® System with Always Active™ provides 24-hour a day protection from subterranean termites and actively eliminates termite colonies as workers come to damage your property.
  • Application of professional-grade products for bed bug control, such as Apprehend®. This product uses a naturally occurring fungal spore called Beauveria bassiana to target and exterminate bed bugs.
  • The use of trained dogs to detect bed bugs quickly and effectively.
  • Deployment of mechanized traps, glue boards, and other methods to capture and remove mice and rats, and an application of exclusion materials, such as caulk, hardware cloth, and foam, to prevent future infestations.

When you hire a professional, particularly one that is Quality Pro certified, you’re going to get the right pest control for your specific pest issues. If you need assistance in Barnesville, remember that the Quality Pro and Green Pro certified team here at Pest Czar is always available to help.

Commercial Pest Control In Barnesville, MD

When pests get into commercial environments, there is usually zero tolerance. This makes commercial pest control service a priority. If you need to maintain pest-free zones in your business, there are many unique ways a licensed pest specialist can help you get the best control possible, such as:

  • A professional uses Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is considered the gold standard in pest control and is accepted by the United States government as meeting all regulatory standards.
  • In food processing plants, pest management is essential and everything must be documented. A pest specialist who is Food Processing Plant Certified is up to speed on what must be done to make a business continually ready for health inspections.
  • A professional has access to, and knowledge of, botanically-based products for effective, environmentally friendly pest management.

No matter what industry you’re in, it pays to have a certified commercial pest control provider handle your pest management needs.

Three Signs You May Have A Termite Problem On Your Barnesville Property

Long before you contact Montgomery County pest control for a termite treatment, there are ways you can guard your property against termite damage. The most important thing you can do is learn the three signs that can alert you to an infestation. These may help you detect termite problems early and stop termites before they do severe damage.

1. Watch for winged termites. When a termite colony matures, it begins to produce winged reproductives. These are often called swarmers because they swarm together during the mating process. After this, they shed their wings and attempt to establish nests. The appearance of swarmers is usually short as swarms last for less than thirty minutes. If you see swarmers, it is essential that you recognize them and that you’re aware of what it means to see these insects in your home or in your yard. Swarmers don’t travel far and it can be years before a colony begins to create them. This means if you are seeing them, that there is a termite nest nearby and it has been around for years. It could also mean termites have been damaging your home for years.

2. Look for shelter tubes on your foundation. Subterranean termites create tubes made of saliva and soil. These structures are thin and often difficult to see. You’ll need to look between landscape vegetation and your exterior, with the voids underneath exterior structures, and in your crawl space if you have one.

3. Look for damage. Most of the damage termites do is on the inside of the wood they’re eating, but you may see visible damage in areas that are damp, or where there is wood-to-soil contact. Do routine inspections to detect this damage.

At the first sign of termite activity (or hopefully long before you see warning signs) contact Pest Czar for termite control in Barnesville. We provide treatments, wood-destroying insect reports (WDIR), and trusted termite prevention.

An Effective Rodent Control Guide For Barnesville Property Owners

Mice and rats aren’t all that mysterious. Here are a few simple ways to effectively control them:

  • Remove yard clutter to make your yard feel more open.
  • Reduce dense vegetation in your landscaping to remove hiding places.
  • Remove bird feeders to prevent seeds from supplying an ideal food source for rodents.
  • Keep trash protected.
  • Seal exterior entry points.
  • Protect interior food sources by putting them in sealed containers.

If you do these things, you can significantly reduce mouse and rat problems. When more control is needed, reach out to Pest Czar for effective rodent control in Barnesville.

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