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Located in Montgomery County, Maryland, Brookmont is a neighborhood along the Potomac River and a part of the Washington, D.C. metro area. Known for its charming residential neighborhoods and scenic beauty, this part of the city is a lovely place to call home. But pests are also attracted to our river and to our properties. Human activity creates the factors that pests are drawn to, so all local property owners need to learn how they can protect themselves against an infestation and drive out existing ones quickly.

Home Pest Control In Brookmont, MD

Keeping pests out of your home isn’t as simple as laying out some traps or heading to the store for bait. To truly protect your property against the damage that pests can cause, you need to ward off pests from ever invading in the first place.

The most effective way to do this is with guidance from home pest control experts. At Pest Czar, we offer these service packages, which tailor pest control to your needs and budget:

  • Czar Guard Basic: At $39 per month, this quarterly treatment option provides protection against common pests like rodents, ants, and spiders.
  • Czar Guard: At $49 per month, this quarterly treatment utilizes what’s called Integrated Pest Management to better protect your property. It includes treatment of interior and exterior spiders and warding for up to one linear foot around your property.
  • Czar Guard Plus: Our most comprehensive plan costs $75 per month and includes all the benefits of the above but adds termite protection and mosquito yard control. To protect against all kinds of pests all year long, this is the option for you.

Keep pests out of your Brookmont home entirely by turning to the effective solutions of Pest Czar today.

Commercial Pest Control In Brookmont, MD

Keeping pests out of your business doesn’t just save you money; it’s your responsibility as a property owner who interacts with the public every day. The damage and disease that pest infestations contribute to an environment are serious, which is why you shouldn’t wait for signs of pest activity before you think to protect your property. Instead, partner with commercial pest control professionals who can keep invasive species out entirely.

At Pest Czar, we’ve helped these kinds of properties avoid and quickly eliminate pest infestations:

  • Schools – Places, where children learn and play, need to be safe from the health impacts of pests, so we partner with schools to keep learning safe and fun.
  • Restaurants – Foodservice businesses are definitely at a higher risk than most for pest infestations, and they can’t afford closures. So complete pest prevention is a smart investment for local bars and restaurants.
  • Hotels – Places where tourists stay, and people pass through for a night can be high-traffic properties that are naturally at a higher risk for pests.

To protect your business from pests in Brookmont, contact Pest Czar today.

The Trick To Spotting Signs Of Termites On Your Brookmont Property

If ever there was a pest that highlights why you shouldn’t take a “wait-and-see” approach when it comes to pest control, it’s the termite. By the time you notice the signs of a termite infestation, they may have already been chewing through your yard and walls for weeks. That’s why it’s better to have regular inspections and treatment of your property instead of waiting for the signs of termites to appear.

Here’s what you need to know when it comes to signs of termites in Brookmont:

  • Warped Wood: Termites don’t leave noticeable holes in the surface of wood. Instead, they tunnel from underground or within your walls and essentially hollow out wooden materials. This causes the surface to buckle or bend.
  • Tunnels & Mounds: Like all pest problems, termites start outdoors. Depending on the species, they form mounds or tunnel directly into the ground.
  • Inspections: To spot these signs and even to avoid termites before they form, have professionals inspect your property right away.

Don’t let termites chew through your Brookmont property, contact Pest Czar for our termite control service today.

All You Need To Know About Dangerous Ants Around Brookmont

Most people think of ants as tiny, harmless insects, but the reality is not so simple. While people don’t tend to like them crawling around their property, they also tend to assume that an ant infestation is minor rather than problematic. Rodents and termites are known for doing more property damage, so people tend to only react when one of the “more serious” infestations occurs. But ants can cause all the same serious problems as other types of invasive pests.

Here’s why you should take proper ant control seriously:

  • Damage: Some ants tunnel through wood just like termites do. So-called carpenter ants may not eat wood, but they still tunnel through your property in order to lay their eggs.
  • Disease: While most ants aren’t known to carry diseases, some can carry a variety of health risks, including salmonella.
  • Stings: Fire ants, which can be found all over North America thanks to their introduction via shipping routes, have highly venomous stingers that cause intense burning to a victim.

Keep ants out of your Brookmont property entirely by calling on Pest Czar today.

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