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Situated along Maryland’s Route 28 between the Potomac River and Sugarloaf Mountain, Dickerson is a prime location for many, especially those that enjoy the outdoors. So it’s no wonder this place is so popular, even with those that don’t live here.As you gear up to hit the mountain, many pests are looking for a place to overwinter. But don’t get it wrong, pests aren’t just a problem leading up to winter; pests cause issues year-round. For this reason, all Dickerson residents and businesses need to get the proper protection they need.

Pest Czar is in the business of protecting everyone through our tried and true Montgomery County pest control services. You can keep the people you care about safe from pests with ongoing professional assistance.

Residential Pest Control In Dickerson

Keeping pests out of your home means keeping your family safe. Many of the common pests in our area are known for spreading dangerous diseases, carrying parasites, causing damage, and plenty of other health concerns. With Pest Czar, you can receive the pest control services you need whether you are currently experiencing pest pressures or want to prevent them from happening.

At Pest Czar, our residential pest control plans include:

Czar Guard Basic:

  • Starts at $39 a month, covering basic pest control needs
  • Exterior protection for ants, cockroaches, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, and more
  • Quarterly service visits that include spider web removal, basic pest, and rodent exclusion, and use of our online portal
  • Pest Czar Guarantee provides free of charge re-treatment between scheduled services if needed

Czar Guard:

  • Starts at $49 a month, covering everything the Czar Guard Basic plan does with quarterly services and more
  • Focuses on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with monitoring, treating, and evaluating
  • Includes interior and exterior pest prevention

Czar Guard Plus:

  • $75 a month, covering everything in the Czar Guard plan and specialty pests like bed bugs, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, carpet beetles, fleas, moths, and snakes

Call us at Pest Czar to learn more about our residential pest control plans and bundling options!

Commercial Pest Control In Dickerson

Without ongoing professional pest control, your business could face an infestation causing harm to employees and customers, damaging property and products, and ruining your reputation. At Pest Czar, our commercial pest control services include:

  • An Integrated Pest Management approach treats, evaluates, and monitors your specific pest problems.
  • Open communication over every step of the process using our customer portal for updates, information, and documentation on your pest management plan.
  • Quality pest control covers a range of pests, including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, common insects, rodents, spiders, stinging insects, termites, and more.
  • Free re-services if necessary and excellent customer service.
  • Coverage for industrial facilities, hotels and motels, office buildings, restaurants, schools, education facilities, and warehouses.

Contact us at Pest Czar to find out how you can get started with our commercial pest control services.

Here’s How To Tell If You Are Ready For Termite Season In Dickerson

Termites are active year-round, so they don’t have a season, but there is a specific time when swarms look for a place to reproduce. In the spring, usually between March and May, termite swarmers (winged reproductives) leave their current colony to find a new place to build their own. When this happens, if your property is not protected, you could face a termite problem down the line.

To properly prepare against termites:

  • Eliminate access by using crushed rocks as a barrier between your home’s foundation and soil, check for cracks and holes, and seal any potential ways pests can get inside.
  • Keep your yard clear of dead trees, stumps, leaves, and other organic matter.
  • Reduce moisture by ventilating humid areas, using dehumidifiers, keeping gutters from getting clogged, and repairing leaks.

You should maintain these termite prevention methods all year and not just before the swarming season. For professional termite control protection, call Pest Czar.

What’s Attracting Wasps And Yellow Jackets To My Dickerson Home?

Yellow jackets are a type of wasp but are often referred to separately because of their size and behavior. Yellow jackets are larger and more robust than other wasps and are more aggressive. However, similar factors will attract them to your property. These factors include:

  • Yellow jackets will look for somewhere safe to build their nests, including eaves, under decks, window frames, doorways, inside garbage cans, and other similar protected spaces.
  • They are predators and pollinators, so they look for food sources like other insects and sweet liquids like nectar or honeydew.
  • Like other insects, they look for a water source; a puddle, bird bath, pond, pool, and more.

If your home provides these factors, there is a good chance you could be inviting stinging insects to live on your property. Don’t try to get rid of wasp or yellow jacket nest on your own; call Pest Czar for expert removal and prevention.

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