Effective & Eco-Friendly Pest Solutions In Garrison, MD

Located just miles from both Baltimore and Towson, the small town of Garrison gives its residents everything they need. With small shops, businesses, eateries, as well as well-kept parks and highway access, residents of Garrison get to enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle while also having access to the city and beyond. And with a moderate climate for most of the year, this is an ideal setting for humans and pests alike.For more than 10 years, the highly trained and experienced team at Pest Czar has been providing homeowners and businesses of the Garrison area with the highest quality eco-friendly pest control services around. We treat every client with decency and respect, by providing transparent pricing, certified professional technicians, superior customer service, and only the best environmentally safe products and treatments. To keep your home pest-free all year long, contact pest Czar today!

Home Pest Control In Garrison, MD

Pest Czar is proud to be family-owned and locally operated, which is why we treat every homeowner as if they were our own family. That means fair, honest pricing, certified professional technicians, and round-the-clock support, no matter the pest problem. Upon our initial inspection of your property, our technicians will work with you to develop a course of treatment that is suited to your unique problems. From there, we encourage clients to enroll in recurring follow-up visits, so that we can further ensure that all other pest problems are proactively addressed.

Using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods, we’re able to offer you the gold standard in sustainable home pest control. And with environmentally sound practices, we prove that you can be gentle on the environment and on your family without sacrificing results. Contact pest Czar today and banish pests for good.

Commercial Pest Control In Garrison, MD

At Pest Czar, we understand the pressures that business owners face every day, and when you add pest infestations into the mix, things get a lot more complicated. When your business encounters pests, it impacts your daily operations in more ways than one, and can potentially cause you to close your doors. That’s why we’re here.

For nearly a decade, Pest Czar has been providing Garrison area businesses with the highest quality environmentally sound treatments and services. We pride ourselves on being solution-oriented and dedicated to our customers’ needs. When you choose to work with Pest Czar, you are getting a team of GreenPro and QualityPro certified professionals as well as unparalleled customer support. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee to further ensure that your property remains pest-free and that you have peace of mind. Contact Pest Czar today for all of your commercial pest control needs.

What Everyone In Garrison Needs To Know About Termites

Termites are America’s most costly pest, causing approximately five billion dollars in damage each year. And for a pest that you can hardly see with the naked eye, that’s a lot! Termites, or “the silent swarmer,” as they’re otherwise known, eat through the wood in your home 24/7 as they grow their colonies.

Each kind of termite is attracted to something different, so for example, damp wood termites seek out damp wood, whereas subterranean termites tunnel beneath the structures on your Garrison property. Some signs of termite damage include: mud tubes, mazes, frass (termite excrement), shed wings, bubbling wallpaper, and buckling wood. Termite colonies can go unnoticed for a long time, which means that their damage runs deep. But the most important thing to note about termites is that prevention is key. With one call to Pest Czar, you can keep your property free from termites and the damage they can do.

How Ant Infestations Start In Garrison Homes

Ants are a small, sneaky pest, making them the most common nuisance pest in America. Though most ants are just an unsightly bother, some species are dangerous. For example, the red imported fire ant will sting when it feels threatened, and carpenter ants act similarly to termites in that they burrow inside the wood in your home. Here are a few of the ways the ant infestations start in your Garrison home:

  • Lack of cleanliness
  • Improper food storage
  • Excess moisture
  • Damaged wood

At the first sight of ants in your Garrison home, contact the professionals at Pest Czar and keep your home pest-free with our ant control services.

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