Effective & Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Germantown, Maryland

Located 48 miles southwest of Baltimore, and 31 miles northwest of Washington D.C., the community of Germantown, MD, is a great place to live. Each one of our six town villages is filled with lovely homes, however, each and every one of those homes may be filled with not-so-lovely pests. Pest activity occurs throughout the year here in Germantown, and that puts local homes and businesses at risk for experiencing pest infestation. The best way to protect yourself is with help from the pros.Here at Pest Czar, we are proud to provide complete pest control solutions to homes and businesses throughout Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas. Our locally owned and operated company has been providing complete pest protection to the Baltimore metro area since 2013, and we have thousands of happy customers who can attest to our superior level of service. Call us today to discuss your residential or commercial pest control needs.

Home Pest Control In Germantown, MD

Household pests can be pretty resilient about gaining entry into your home. Once they get inside, they reproduce quickly, and their large populations can be hard to get rid of. Pest Czar offers dependable residential pest control services that provide Germantown homeowners with year-round coverage. We deal with a variety of common household invading pests, such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, stinging insects, rodents, and many others.

Our staff of fully licensed and certified pest technicians uses IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to evaluate, eliminate, treat, and monitor pest problems in and around your home. Our mission is to provide the highest level of safe, effective pest control services to the community while being fair to our customers, employees, and the environment. Contact us to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Germantown, MD

When pests enter a business, they cause large-scale issues that range from property damage to contamination to the complete destruction of your business’ reputation. If you want to protect your Germantown business from the dangers of pest infestation, it’s important to seek out help from pest experts. The team at Pest Czar offers reliable commercial pest control solutions to a variety of local businesses, such as office buildings, warehouses, industrial facilities, schools and education facilities, restaurants, hotels, and motels.

After a detailed inspection, we’ll come up with the right treatment plan for you. Through the use of our customer portal, you can easily stay up to date on your pest management plan and progress. It provides you with information and documentation on your services, and it tracks service visits, so you know when you’re due for another follow-up. Reach out today to discuss your commercial pest control needs today.


Professional Bed Bug Control Services In Germantown, MD

Bed bugs are parasitic pests that feed on human blood. Since they are nocturnal, they’re only active at night, meaning feeding time is while we’re fast asleep. This can make it very difficult to detect any bed bug activity in your home or business. The longer the problem goes undetected, the further the infestation can spread, and the more of a nightmare the entire problem becomes.

If your space gets infested by bed bugs, not only is it a huge nuisance, but it can be threatening in other ways as well. The itchiness of bed bug bites can lead to excessive scratching, and secondary skin infection if the itching results in small, open wounds. Depending on the individual, bed bugs can also cause allergic reactions, leading to painful swelling and anaphylaxis.

Let’s not forget the fact that bed bugs tend to lead to sleep deprivation, which can put you in danger of getting into an accident. The safest, most effective way to deal with bed bugs in your Germantown home or business is to reach out to the pros at Pest Czar. We offer comprehensive bed bug solutions you can feel good about, so call us today to get started.

Manage The Mosquitoes On Your Germantown, MD Property

Mosquitoes are dangerous vector pests that are capable of transmitting diseases between hosts. That leaves you and your loved ones exposed to a long list of vector-borne illnesses. If you want to be proactive in minimizing your exposure to mosquitoes, consider the following preventative tips:

  • Always wear mosquito repellent when spending time outdoors. Also, try to wear clothing treated with DEET or permethrin.
  • Get rid of any standing water sources on your property. This includes birdbaths, inflatable pools, overturned tires, etc.
  • Keep your windows and doors closed when possible. When they are open, make sure you have insect screens that are fully intact and functional.

These preventative measures can certainly help, however, none of them are as effective as ongoing services from the pros. Here at Pest Czar, our mosquito control and prevention services give you year-round protection from these harmful parasitic pests. So, reach out to us today, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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