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In a place like Glen Arm, there are all kinds of invasive pests threatening your home or business. Unfortunately, if you try to take care of these problems yourself, you might prolong the infestation or expose your home or business to property damage, health hazards, and more.The good news is that you don’t have to fight pest problems on your own. With Pest Czar by your side. While many imitate our services, none can replace our experienced service force. Here’s why you should choose Pest Czar over anything else in the Glen Arm area:

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Home Pest Control In Glen Arm, MD

In a place like Glen Arm, you have to be very careful about the way you protect your home from pests. In fact, with the potential for destructive termites or dangerous roaches, rodents, ants, and more, you can’t afford to rely on inconsistent DIY pest control methods.

Fortunately for your home and family, Pest Czar has the experienced pest control technicians to keep any home in the Glen Arm area safe from pest problems. Our QualityPro and GreenPro certified services ensure that you get the best treatments available, and we even offer free re-services when necessary. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

Commercial Pest Control In Glen Arm, MD

When you run a business in the Glen Arm area, you might run into a variety of pest problems that can mess with your inventory, your property value, and your reputation in the community. That’s why you can’t waste your time on the inconsistent results of store-bought remedies and DIY pest control methods.

Instead, get the most trusted name in the Glen Arm area when it comes to serious pest problems. At Pest Czar, we provide the perfect combination of innovative pest control measures and experienced pest control technicians. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our commercial pest control experts.

Termite Control & Prevention: A Guide For Glen Arm Residents

In a place like Glen Arm, you have to be especially careful to protect your home from termite problems. These invasive pests will chew through the wooden portions of your home’s foundation day in and day out, causing significant damage over the course of two years or more. Unfortunately, termites can be very difficult to spot, so it’s important to understand the signs of their activity and catch the problem early. Common signs of termite activity include:

  • Mud tubes along the foundation walls
  • Visible damage to exposed wood
  • Shed wings of termite swarmers around the property
  • Tightening around doors and windows

If you notice these signs, it’s important to seek professional help immediately. Treating termites with store-bought solutions will only eradicate a small portion of the infestation, allowing the problem to continue in other areas of the home. This could lead to thousands of dollars worth of termite damage. Instead of putting your equity at risk, partner with the most experienced termite technicians in the industry. With QualityPro and GreenPro certified solutions, we have everything we need to keep your property and your family safe at the same time. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection and take your first step towards a termite-free property.

The Benefits Of Professional Rodent Control Services In Glen Arm

If you have rodent problems in your Glen Arm home, these pests can be very problematic and very dangerous. Rodents are highly skilled at chewing and squeezing their way into the homes around the Glen Arm area, so it can be very difficult to keep them out of your house on your own. Unfortunately, these pests can spread dangerous bacteria, carry the rabies virus, or introduce dangerous parasites onto your property. That’s why reducing rodent attraction to your home in the following methods is essential to keeping your home and family safe:

  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Maintaining the lawn regularly
  • Decluttering the low traffic areas of the home and property
  • Keeping outdoor trash stored securely

Even though these methods can help limit your chances of rodent problems, there is almost nothing you can do once you incur an infestation. Since rodents will reproduce very rapidly within your walls, your store-bought traps and poison may not be able to keep up with this rate of reproduction. Plus, trying to deal with rodents on your own could lead to a dangerous encounter with a nesting, territorial rodent.

Instead of endangering your home and family, why not partner with the professionals who have decades of industry and area experience? We have the rodent control technology and the experienced technicians to create a rodent-free property around your Glen Arm home. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our rodent control experts.

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