Effective & Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Parkville, Maryland

Maryland is home to some of America’s most beautiful natural landscapes, including the city of Parkville. Over 30,000 people live in the alpine hills of this unincorporated community, only a short drive away from the city of Baltimore. People here find much to enjoy in life, and celebrate their roots in Czech and Slovakian heritage with festivals and events all year long.Parkville’s neighborhoods are known for being quiet, secure, and safe, but an increasing number of local pests have begun to dramatically affect residents’ ways of life. Pest Czar has been caring for Parkville home and business owners from the very beginning, protecting properties with skill, speed, and pride. Contact the team for an initial pest inspection at your earliest convenience.

Home Pest Control In Parkville, MD

Protecting your home, family, and loved ones from pests can be a big job. Here in Parkville, MD, it can almost feel never-ending. At Pest Czar, we have worked hard to develop a set of three residential pest control plans that protect homeowners against the deleterious effects of pest activity. They are:

  • Czar Guard Basic: As the most affordable option on our list, this pest control plan provides the greatest amount of pest protection for the lowest possible price.
  • Czar Guard: We defend homes with all our professional strength, using Integrated Pest Management practices to control burgeoning pests.
  • Czar Guard Plus: This plan offers the security of all previous plans, as well as spider removal and rodent exclusions services.

Settle down with a residential pest control plan designed just for you. Reach out to Pest Czar to confirm your choice from the list above.

Commercial Pest Control In Parkville, MD

From large franchises to mom-and-pop stores, businesses in Parkville, MD need to be vigilant for encroaching pest activity. Rodents, termites, bed bugs, and other creatures can fundamentally adjust the future of your business, putting it in the path of danger. But your business will not be the only thing at risk. Customers, employees, and even your online reputation may be permanently marred by pests and their reoccurring damages.

Pest Czar of Baltimore County has been providing permanent solutions to particular pest problems since mid-2013. Here are some of the reasons why Parkville business owners choose us to care for their properties:

  • Public Health, Food Processing, and QualityPro Certified
  • Environmentally responsible products and outlook
  • Customizable pest control for any and every need
  • Free re-servicing for every business

Contact Pest Czar to discuss the future of your commercial pest control plan now.


Bed Bug Control: Advice For Parkville Residents

You might consider bed bugs to be dirt-loving pests that could never infest your home, but unfortunately, this is not true. Bed bugs are an extremely prevalent pest that is becoming more and more common around Parkville, MD homes. These pests can live for years inside mattresses, couches, and electrical outlets, plaguing people with horrible bites and itchy welts. Here’s some of our top advice for preventing bed bugs from attacking your property:

  • Wash your clothing, linens, and other cloth materials on the highest heat setting after returning from a trip.
  • Carefully check all secondhand appliances and furniture to ensure there are no signs of bed bug activity.
  • Inspect your overnight lodgings for the symptoms of bed bugs. If you think or know that the pests may be nearby, leave the premises as soon as possible.

If bed bugs are already inside your home, contact the team at Pest Czar to eliminate the issue with affordable bed bug treatments.

What Diseases Are Spread By Rodents In Parkville?

Three primary types of rodents can be found around the Parkville area: mice, rats, and squirrels. While squirrels are a little less prone to home infiltration, rats and mice make no bones about their intentions. These pests are the most common household infesting pests in the world. Repeat offenses and multiple break-ins are extremely common, especially with house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats.

The dangers posed by a household rodent can be extremely serious. Not only are rats and mice capable of biting, scratching, or otherwise physically harming humans and pets, but they can spread several illnesses as well. Rodents pick up infectious agents from the unpleasant spaces they frequent, like bathrooms, sewers, and dumpsters. They then run across surfaces and infiltrate food packages while contaminated with various pathogens. This can cause breakouts of:

  • Salmonella
  • E-coil
  • Staph infections
  • Viral illnesses
  • Bacteria strains

The best and only way to keep rodents from spreading disease in your Parkville house is to make sure they never get inside. Partner with the professionals at Pet Czar, your local provider of affordable and fast-acting rodent prevention plans. Connect with a representative to investigate your options today.

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