Comprehensive Pest Control In Roland Park, MD

At Pest Czar, we know that comprehensive pest control in Roland Park is the secret to living a safer life. For the last decade, we’ve been delivering environmentally conscious services to improve the quality of life for our neighbors. Our company is both QualityPro and GreenPro certified, which means that we abide by the most rigorous safety and environmental standards in the industry. All of our work is safe for people and pets, and we provide free re-services for treated pests until we’ve completely eliminated your pest concerns. For more information on our services, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Roland Park

At Pest Czar, we provide Roland Park pest control for homeowners throughout the year in order to mitigate exposure to dangerous and damaging pests. Our company was founded on the principles of integrity, honesty, environmental responsibility, finding solutions, and always attaining pest-free results by the safest means possible. We are certified by both QualityPro and GreenPro, so you can have full peace of mind that we follow the industry’s best practices.

Some of our ongoing service programs include:

  • Czar Guard Basic: Our starter program treats pests like cockroaches, rodents, and spiders from the outside. We provide services on a quarterly basis with re-services as needed.
  • Czar Guard: When you need mid-level protection, this plan follows Integrated Pest Management methods for more in-depth elimination and prevention of pests.
  • Czar Guard Plus: Our most encompassing plan is for the homeowner who wants complete protection, as we include coverage for bed bugs, fleas, carpenter ants, and more.

No matter what program you enroll in, we will always guarantee it 100%. Please call us today for more information on our residential pest control services in Roland Park and how they can protect your household.

Commercial Pest Control In Roland Park

At Pest Czar, we provide Roland Park pest control that follows Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods in order to protect your business from season to season. We are both QualityPro and GreenPro certified, which means that we abide by the strictest guidelines of safety and environmental awareness when we address your pest problems. Because we use the IPM approach to treat your property, you’ll benefit from a tailored pest control plan, routine monitoring, and the safest answer to any infestation.

In addition to our high-quality treatments, we also offer all of our commercial customers access to our online portal, where we store findings, treatment plans, and all other information that you might need to access. Each service also comes with our pest-free guarantee for full peace of mind. For more information on commercial pest control in Roland Park, call us today.

Calls For Bed Bug Control In Roland Park Increasing

Bed bugs are small parasites that can live wherever they have access to people, so it’s no wonder why they are a prominent issue in Roland Park. Whether residents are eating at a restaurant, picking kids up at school, staying in a hotel, or going to the movies, there is a possibility of encountering bed bugs. Additionally, bed bugs can travel from neighbor to neighbor, especially for people who live in apartment buildings. Whether residents suspect that they are hosting a bed bug infestation or they’re looking to prevent one, there’s no substitute for bed bug control in Roland Park from Pest Czar.

Bed bugs are known to hide inside mattresses and furniture, which makes it hard for people to detect them. In addition to our detailed inspections, we use the EPA-approved product Apehrend so that we can be tough on bed bugs while being environmentally conscious. For more information on these services, please call us today.

The Ultimate Rodent Prevention Guide For Roland Park Property Owners

Rodents look to Roland Park properties for the food, water, and shelter that they need in order to survive, and they find it very easily, many times without the knowledge of residents themselves.

In order to keep these little pests away, try the following tips:

  • Tend to the outside. Rodent attraction begins outside of the home, which is why it’s important to scale back all greenery that comes into contact with your home and make sure that trash bins have secure lids.
  • Store food thoughtfully. One of the most enticing things for rodents is food, so opt for sealed containers over factory packaging.
  • Clean up. Because rodents aren’t picky, they will find food anywhere. To reduce attraction, take out the trash often and tidy up after cooking.
  • Fix moisture problems. Keep crawl spaces well ventilated, fix leaky pipes, and don’t ignore water damage.
  • Call the pros. When dealing with rodents, there’s no solution more reliable than assistance from trusted professionals who can install exclusion, reduce overall attraction, and monitor the results.

For more information on year-round rodent control services in Roland Park, call Pest Czar today.

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