Spiders are commonly mislabeled as insects; however, they are classified as arachnids that have eight legs and no wings or antennae. In the realm of nature, spiders are largely considered as being beneficial for controlling the population of insects. Unfortunately, spiders will sometimes move indoors when they have access to shelter from the elements or sources of food.

Some Of The Most Common Types Of Spiders In Baltimore

  • Wolf Spiders: The wolf spider is among the largest found in this region, with a leg span of up to three inches. They do not build webs and although they might bite, they are not very dangerous to humans.
  • Jumping Spiders: This type of spider jumps and is capable of moving rapidly. They are usually a darker color with red or white markings. Although they could bite, they are a minimal threat to human health.
  • Crab Spiders: Sometimes referred to as flower spiders, this type has a crab-like appearance.  They may bite humans, but they are not considered to be dangerous.
  • Black Widows: The black widow is typically about a ½ inch long, has a black color, and builds webs. These spiders are capable of delivering a painful bite that may require medical attention in many cases.

The Presence Of Spiders Indoors May Indicate Further Pest-Related Concerns

While most spiders tend to be reclusive and nontoxic, they may be a sign that the property has additional pest problems. This is because spiders are predatory; therefore, they tend to remain in areas where insects and other unwanted pests that they eat exist.

Best Practices For Preventing Spiders On The Home’s Exterior

Exterior lighting tends to attract flying insects and other prey that subsequently attracts spiders to your property. There are some LED bulbs available today that are less likely to attract insects. Limit debris and clutter near the home’s exterior that may provide hiding places for spiders.

Check the foundation of the property for crevices that may be potential entry points for spiders and similar pests. Apply a durable weather-resistant sealant or caulk product where needed. Inspect the seals surrounding windows and doors and look for any screens that have holes and need repair.

Tips For Indoor Spider Prevention

Regularly clean floors and countertops to reduce the likelihood of ants, flies, and other prey that attracts spiders. Ensure that trash cans, particularly those containing food scraps, have a lid that closes properly. Use a cloth or similar tool to quickly remove spider webs to discourage them.

Making The Right Decision When You Suspect Pest Intrusion

Some homeowners that notice bothersome pest problems may attempt to take matters into their own hands. Many of these individuals will attempt to eliminate these concerns by using home remedies or store-bought DIY products that are usually not effective.

During this interim, an infestation is likely to worsen. Promptly contacting a professional exterminator is the best course of action when pests invade. A licensed technician will provide effective treatment and ensure that the products used are not a health risk for you and your family.

Experienced Baltimore-Area Extermination Service

The Pest Czar team has been successfully eradicating intrusions of spiders, termites, bed bugs, and other unwanted nuisances for residential and commercial customers for many years. Our family-owned company is a leader in the realm of professional pest control, a proud member of the National Pest Management Association, and has recently obtained both the QualityPro and GreenPro certifications.

We now offer property owners several customized year-round GreenPro Certified Protection Plans that are eco-friendly and affordable. Contact us today for a no-obligation onsite inspection and estimate.