Do you know that feeling when you come to a realization and it feels like a rock drops into your chest? This tends to happen when people get bad and unexpected news. One example of this is finding out your home has had a termite infestation for two years and that repairing the damage will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. We are here today to hopefully prevent this from ever happening to you. That said, this is everything you need to know to identify termites around your Baltimore property and what to do if you find them inside.

Which Termites Live In Baltimore?

The eastern subterranean termite is the most common species of termite that lives in our area. These pests are white to light brown, ¼ to ½” long, and spend the majority of their lives underground or inside a structure of wood. This makes them difficult to identify and sometimes allows them to destroy homes and businesses undetected for months at a time, or even years.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

Once or twice a year, usually during the springtime, eastern subterranean termites swarm. This is when winged termites (swarmers) leave their nests and search for new areas to establish colonies. If you see an influx of light-colored, ant-like pests, with long wings buzzing inside your home, chances are worker termites are nearby, causing extensive damage.

Other Signs Of Termites

Swarmers are the most obvious sign that termites are nearby and either already destroying your home or looking to do so soon. They are not, however, the only way to identify an infestation. Here are some other signs that will help clue you into termites on your property.

  • Termites visibly crawling through and actively consuming fallen trees, stumps, and other wood debris around your property.
  • Discoloration due to water damage on walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Bubbling or peeling paint/wallpaper.
  • A rustling sound coming from inside structural wood.
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows.
  • Overly squeaky floorboards.
  • Mud tubes crawling up your home or business’s exterior foundation.

One thing to note with these signs is that seeing just one doesn’t mean your home is infested. The only way to know for certain if your home is at risk is to call in a professional. We have the needed equipment and training to effectively identify these pests around your property.

Prevention Tips For Termites

If you are confident your home is not currently under attack by termites and would like to keep things that way, you need to put in place some form of preventative measures. Here are some great places our experts recommend you start.

  • Remove wood debris and wood-based items from your property. This includes sticks, leaves, cardboard, newspaper, and untreated scrap wood.
  • Store firewood and untreated lumber at least 30 feet away from your home or business’s exterior, in a dry location.
  • Repair and replace structural wood that is water-damaged, rotting, or in decay.
  • Address moisture issues around your property such as leaky piping, broken gutters, and high humidity areas indoors.

How Professionals Deal With Termites

If you do not have time to handle termites on your own or are looking for a guaranteed long-term solution to control these pests, look no further than Pest Czar. We have industrial-grade equipment and treatments, we train our technicians well, and we make sure that with everything we do, our focus is on quality and customer satisfaction.

Give our team a call today to learn more about our termite control services and schedule your Baltimore home for a detailed termite inspection.