Seeing centipedes in Annapolis can be an interesting novelty or a frightening surprise, depending on where you found them. Unfortunately, these unique arthropods often become nuisance pests, creeping up on homeowners than they least suspect. They are jarring to see suddenly, but they also have a painful, poisonous bite.

However, an infestation leaves little direct signs that it’s happening, so it’s important to know all you can about these nocturnal predators. Our experts at Pest Czar have got your back. We’ve put together this handy guide to house centipedes so that you can assess the risks of an infestation and learn to treat one if it happens to you. Read on to discover the key to successful pest control in Annapolis.

Do Centipedes Bite?

Perhaps the most anxiety-inducing aspect of finding a centipede in your house is its appearance. This elongated, alien mass of legs invites all manner of speculation. Including, of course, the question – does it bite? The answer, unfortunately, is yes.

Centipedes are predators and can inflict a painful venomous bite. However, much to our relief, they’d prefer not to waste venom on non-prey. Although they will bite in self-defense if handled roughly, centipede bites are rare, and their actual danger is even rarer. It helps to know how to care for a centipede bite if you do catch one.

How To Care For A Centipede Bite

Although the poisonous centipedes in Annapolis try to avoid human contact, painful accidental encounters occasionally happen. Centipede bites can be painful and irritating. Here’s a step by step process for treating a centipede bite:

  • Wash the puncture with soap and water
  • Apply a cold compress to reduce swelling
  • Use medication to manage the pain if needed
  • Seek medical attention if symptoms grow severe

Since centipedes are nocturnal predators, you may not run into them often. An infestation makes painful bites much more likely. Avoid getting bitten by establishing thorough prevention measures in your home.

Four Ways To Prevent Centipedes In Annapolis

Getting rid of centipedes in your Annapolis home can be a challenge. Although these pests rarely invade, they can still cause problems when they do. Whether you’re struggling with an infestation or want to protect yourself from the possibility, here are four proven ways to prevent centipedes:

  1. Eliminate excess moisture
  2. Clean and declutter regularly to deny hiding spots
  3. Seal holes, cracks,, and gaps that they enter through
  4. Eliminate other pests that serve as their food

Centipedes are attracted to moisture, secluded hiding spaces, and easy food or shelter. If your home provides these things, you might have a centipede problem. Following the steps above will help prevent an infestation, but there’s one more surefire centipede control method to guarantee your home’s protection.

Professional Pest Control To Get Rid Of Centipedes

All the different kinds of centipedes in Annapolis are likely unwelcome within your home. Whether you’ve been seeing centipedes around your home or want to guarantee you never do, reach out to our experts at Pest Czar for professional treatment. Our team of trained pest control technicians can be there as soon as it’s convenient for you, equipped with the tools and techniques necessary to protect your home from any stubborn pest, centipedes included.

Contact Pest Czar for comprehensive centipede removal to avoid centipede bites. Not only will we treat the present problem, but we’ll also work with you to establish proven prevention measures, protecting your property from future infestations. Call now to schedule your inspection, and let us take care of the rest.