Are you worried about the carpenter bees in Baltimore? There are many misconceptions surrounding these common nuisance pests. It can be challenging to determine how severe an infestation is – or whether there’s one on your property.

However, proper pest control in Baltimore becomes that much easier once you know the signs. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for information on carpenter bees. Our experts at Pest Czar have devised this quick and easy guide to carpenter bees in Baltimore. Here, we’ll outline the essentials – how to identify them, their ecological role, and why they have become such a big problem around people’s homes. Read on to learn the best way to protect your property from carpenter bees.

Carpenter Bees Vs. Bumble Bees

Carpenter bees can be deceptively difficult to identify. They’re large, similar to bumble bees, but each species behaves very differently compared to the other. Here are a few carpenter bee vs. bumble bee facts to help you differentiate them in your yard:

  • Carpenter bees eat and nest inside the wood, while bumble bees do not.
  • Carpenter bees have smooth abdomens, while bumble bees have fuzzy abdomens.
  • Carpenter bees are solitary insects, while bumble bees live in social hives.

Both types of bees are essential for the environment, but carpenter bees can cause significant property damage if they decide to move in.

Carpenter Bees Bee-ing Important Pollinators

If you’re noticing carpenter bees around your house, it’s definitely a good idea to get them taken care of before they cause any property damage. Still, it’s vital to do so humanely. These solitary insects play an essential ecological role as pollinators. Your garden may appreciate your presence, even if you don’t. Native bees species pollinate about 15% of agricultural crops, one of which is the carpenter bee. Despite their reputation as nuisance pests, carpenter bees are also much more than that. It begs the question – are carpenter bees all that bad?

Do Carpenter Bees Do More Good Than Harm?

Carpenter bees are valuable pollinators, but they’re also annoying pests that damage the wood on people’s property. If you’re dealing with an infestation, it’s easy to wonder what purpose these pests serve beyond being a nuisance – but don’t underestimate their ecological importance.

Ultimately, the damage they can cause is easy enough to manage. Carpenter bees are known for their powerful jaws that chew cavities into wooden structures, which can leave their mark on your outdoor furniture, deck patios, and sometimes even your home. They prefer soft, plain wood, so you can keep them from causing problems by treating and painting the wood around your property.

Carpenter bees can become protective of their nests, but they rarely sting; instead, they fly around intruders, attempting to appear intimidating. Overall, these insects aren’t as harmful as other pests, but they can still be problematic. That’s why it’s crucial to remove them humanely. If you’re interested in protecting these valuable pollinators but still want to protect your property, it may be time to look into carpenter bee solutions for your Baltimore home.

Gentle Carpenter Bee Removal For Baltimore Residents

Whether you’re fighting an infestation or want to protect yourself from the possibility, reach out to our Pest Czar team to get rid of carpenter bees professionally. Our certified pest control technicians can show you the key to avoiding carpenter bee wood damage while protecting these valuable pollinators. Call now to schedule your inspection, and let us take care of the rest.