There are a number of things that keep people up at night. Some people have noisy neighbors who throw parties that go on for all hours of the night. Others have outside dogs in their neighborhood that bark at anything that moves in the darkness. If you have these nighttime quandaries, unfortunately, we can’t help you. However, if bed bugs are biting you and disturbing your sleep at night, we can solve your problem.

Why D.C. is at High Risk of Bed Bug Infestations

Have you ever wondered how bed bugs get into homes, or where they come from in the first place? It may seem that, because bed bugs are worse in the summer, they must be outdoor pests that die off as the weather gets colder. Funnily enough, bed bugs are among the few pests that do not commonly live in the wild. Due to their co-dependent nature with humans, bed bugs are indoor pests that only travel when we do.

Bed bugs are hitchhiking pests but, unlike human hitchhikers, they do not ask permission before hitching a ride. Instead, they simply hop onto any item they can and hope it moves to a more desirable location. For example, people donate items, such as couches, to thrift stores. Those donated items may have bed bugs hiding inside them. Once inside a thrift store, those bed bugs can crawl off of that couch, or any other donated item, and seek out other items they can cling to and infest. Anyone who visits and buys items from that thrift store are now at risk of bringing bed bugs home with them. Adult bed bugs can live upward of 5 months without a blood meal, so you can assume they will be able to survive in that thrift store for quite a while.

Since bed bugs need access to moving objects in order to travel from place to place, and people generally tend to move about more during the warmer weather in late spring and throughout the summer, bed bugs are able to travel and become more active in summer months.

A Simple Prevention Tip

Because of the way bed bugs invade homes, the best way to prevent them is to simply keep an eye out for their signs.

  • Check your hotel beds when you are on vacation to make sure they are free of bed bugs.
  • Examine furniture and other items before using them within your home.
  • To be extra safe, when returning from vacation, wash and dry all of your clothing on a high heat setting. This will kill any unwanted hitchhikers that you may have picked up on your travels.

Why Call A Professional Like Pest Czar ASAP If Bed Bugs Start Biting

It is not always easy to prevent bed bugs, and there is always the risk that they may show up in your home, especially as the weather heats up. If they find their way into your home, we would like to offer our assistance. Here at Pest Czar, we offer high-quality treatments for bed bugs that are designed to get your home bed bug-free and help get you back to the sleep your body deserves. To schedule an inspection or treatments for your home, contact us. Our team is standing by and would be happy to help.