No one wants pests in their house. Usually, when pests invade, you can spot them and take action against them before they cause too many problems. However, that’s not the case when it comes to termites. With termites, prevention is key. That’s why SentriconⓇ System With Always Active™ is the ultimate termite defense for D.C. residents.

Why Termites Are So Difficult To Discover

When termites invade, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice them as you would an ant infestation or the sudden presence of rodents. Termites don’t come out in the open or make a lot of noise like other pests. The only time you’re likely to see termites is when swarmer termites come out in the open to mate. Even then, many people mistake these insects for flying ants. The majority of termites spend their entire lives hidden away underground or within the walls of your home. Occasionally, they come out of the ground to move from one place to the other, but in order to avoid being dried out by the sun, they build mud tubes to travel within, so you still don’t see them. Because of their tendency to stay hidden, many D.C. residents go months without realizing that termites have invaded.

Why Termites Cause So Much Damage

Since they can go undiscovered for so long, termites often have plenty of time to cause substantial damage to homes before they are discovered. Termites chew tunnels inside wooden structures within homes, slowly weakening them over time. If caught early, the damage may be minimal, but given months or years to do their work, termites can cause structural damage to the homes they infest.

Why SentriconⓇ With Always Active™ Is The Ultimate Termite Defense For D.C. Residents

Since fighting termites after they invade is not a good course of action, it’s far better to prevent termites before they invade. Either way, though, SentriconⓇ With Always Active™ is the ultimate termite defense. SentriconⓇ With Always Active™ will take care of any termites that are currently on your property or in your house, and it will prevent them from getting in in the future as well. This system uses strategically placed bait stations that are always working to protect your home. The bait has been scientifically proven to be more attractive to termites than even the cellulose within your home’s wooden structures. Once termites take the bait, they will alert other termites to its presence. They will also bring it back to their nest, which will eventually kill the entire colony.

To protect your home or to eliminate a current termite infestation, you need the trusted protection of SentriconⓇ With Always Active™. Pest Czar is an authorized SentriconⓇ With Always Active™ provider. With less than 4% of pest control companies certified to sell and service the system, if you’re in the D.C. area, Pest Czar is the pest control company to call for your termite needs.