Telltale signs of autumn may include a nip in the air, colorful leaves dropping, pumpkins galore, and pests. Yes, that’s right! Pests love this time of year because they come indoors and make themselves at home. Keep critters out this season by implementing eight easy fall pest prevention tips for Baltimore homes. Our highly trained associates at Pest Czar can execute a customized residential pest control plan.

The Trouble With Autumn

As temperatures begin to dip along the Mid-Atlantic coast, unsavory pests want to take shelter in comfy spaces before winter. Some common problematic pests for this area may include raccoons, rodents, ants, cockroaches, termites, and bed bugs.

Rodents can carry disease and are masters at hiding in homes. Cockroaches can continue to be an issue even in colder months. Raccoons may find attics and garages inviting. Termites, bed bugs, and ant issues may also persist throughout the year. It’s imperative to thwart entrance attempts before these pests try heading indoors.

Eight Pest Prevention Tips For Baltimore Homes

The sooner homeowners jump on these tasks, the sooner they can stop a possible onslaught:

1. Deep Clean: Really attend to dirty, rarely cleaned areas like baseboards, moldings, registers, ceiling fans, light fixtures, pantry, in between windows and screens, behind and under large appliances, stairwells, under sinks, and behind large pieces of furniture. Enlist help if needed and don’t rush; this step may involve more elbow grease than some homeowners want to exert.

2. Address Storage: Make sure food is stored neatly in containers with tight sealing lids. Remember to empty new food products into these canisters every time they come into the home, then dispose of the original packaging. Use a garbage receptacle outside that locks shut.

3. Tidy The Yard: Fall is the perfect time to tend to leaf litter piles, spread fresh cedar mulch, administer damage control to the firewood pile, trim shrubs and trees that are too close to the home, and remove any wasp or dirt dauber nests. Remember to tend to the entire property, including outbuildings, porches, patios, trellises, and porticos.

4. Identify Trouble Spots: Investigate the premises in search of possible entry points. Look for cracks, holes, and gaps, then fill those with a quality caulk specifically made for exterior use.

5. Tackle Moisture: Repair any leaks or causes of moisture issues, whether it’s from a leaky pipe, a dripping faucet, or a trickling spigot. Combat moist areas by installing a dehumidifier or using moisture absorbing pellets; check regularly and reevaluate as necessary.

6. Keep A Cleaning Schedule: A deep clean works wonders, but it works much better with continued cleaning done consistently. Assign specific duties to household members or call in a service if needed. Be sure to remove food particles promptly, dust, sweep, mop, and wipe surfaces down with an antibacterial cleaner.

7. Combat Clutter: Rodents especially love making nests in cardboard, newspaper, and paper bags. Transfer anything being stored long-term into plastic bins that can be closed tightly with locking lids.

8. Clean Additional Areas: Focus on areas not always used as living spaces: garages, closets, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and sheds. Dust, remove clutter, organize items, and remove any cobwebs.

Protecting Homes From Pests In Autumn & Beyond

While employing these eight easy fall pest prevention tips for Baltimore homes can certainly be instrumental in warding away unwanted creepy crawlies, the true ticket to protection is working with experts. Ongoing assistance from our helpful technicians at Pest Czar can be the best way to control pests in Baltimore permanently. Call us today for a free quote.