There isn’t really a spider-free season in Maryland, so homeowners looking to keep their residences unattractive to these pests can take some steps toward managing this creepy crawler. The key to keeping spiders out of your home lies within learning; the more knowledge gained, the more successful endeavors are likely to be. Contacting our trusted specialists at Pest Czar is also a viable option for controlling spiders in Annapolis.

Spiders Common To Annapolis, Maryland

Thousands of spiders make their home in the United States, but only a small fraction of them live in this part of the Mid-Atlantic region. Fewer yet are likely to be found indoors. Most species are harmless but an unwelcome sight in the home nonetheless.

  • Black Widow Spiders: The female is black with a red hourglass; her bite can bring sweating, fever, itching, muscle cramps, breathing difficulties, and vomiting. Males are smaller with less recognizable coloring in brown, grey, and orange.
  • Cobweb Spiders: These little guys exhibit muted earth tones and like to build webs in homes, particularly in high corners, in hopes of catching household pests.
  • House Spiders: This aptly-named arachnid often seeks shelter in homes, especially in autumn. Not only are these pests a nuisance, but their plentiful webs spun throughout the house are as well.
  • Jumping Spiders: These arachnids are compactly built, move quickly, and catch their prey using their natural jumping skills.
  • Wolf Spiders: Sporting an ominous appearance, these pests can give some folks quite a fright, but there isn’t any need. Even if there is a bite, it isn’t harmful.

Prevention Through Spider Prey Control

Spiders feel most comfortable in areas with a free-flowing buffet, as in there are plenty of bugs to fill their bellies. The key to keeping spiders out of your Annapolis home may be to stop the bug smorgasbord. Observing the practical art of general pest control methods can pay off. Store food in sealed containers, clean up quickly after meals are prepared to eliminate crumbs, and take the trash outside to receptacles with locking lids. Control clutter and stay on top of household cleaning detail. Addressing any excess home moisture is another precautionary step.

Controlling Spiders

Practice additional prevention methods to deter spiders from your home on an even broader scope, such as:

  • Check Obvious Entry Points: Doors and windows are not only ways for humans to enter; they can also permit spiders to come inside. Keep screens in good shape, ensure door sweeps are affixed correctly, apply weather stripping if necessary, and look to see that thresholds are secure.
  • Locate Obscure Access Areas: Investigate the structure from the ground up and even deeper. Look for cracks, gaps, and fractures in the primary dwelling, crawl space, basement, and bulkhead. Caulk any possible entry points.
  • Remove Cobwebs: Make web removal a priority, even when it may seem superfluous. Consistently sweep corners and under furniture to make a home inhospitable to spiders.
  • Practice Firewood Safety: Fires can be nice and cozy but don’t let uninvited guests come inside to enjoy the ambiance—Stow firewood at least 20 feet away from the residence. Always inspect the wood for inhabitants before bringing it indoors.

Kicking Spiders To The Curb

Spiders can actually help property owners when they are out of the home. But Maryland homeowners can struggle with keeping these arachnids outside throughout the seasons. The key to keeping spiders out of your Annapolis home often involves seeking residential pest control professionals. Contacting us at Pest Czar for spider removal advice or assistance in controlling these pests is a results-driven approach that works permanently. Call us today for a free quote.