Hopefully, you are among the population that has never encountered a case of bed bugs, but if you’re someone who has, you know what a nuisance this pest can be. Bed bugs can thrive anywhere their food source (people) sleep. They are small insects, roughly 3/16 of an inch in size, are reddish-brown in appearance, and have six legs.

Bed bugs do not fly, and they do not spread disease; however, they feed off the blood of humans while they sleep. Some may think of bed bugs as being a pest that only affects dirty or cluttered homes, but the truth is these parasitical hitchhikers can be picked up anywhere from hotels and hospitals to transportation hubs and homes.

Health Concerns Bed Bugs Cause For Baltimore Residents

While it is true that there is no evidence that bed bugs carry disease, bed bugs can still cause health concerns for those who are left dealing with an infestation. As bed bugs feed on humans while they sleep, they leave behind tiny bites. Rarely can a person be allergic to bed bug saliva, which would result in a very itchy rash from the bites. Rashes can become infected and require medical attention.

Aside from the possibility of being allergic to bed bug saliva, these pests can cause other harmful health concerns. The stress and embarrassment that comes with a bed bug infestation are bad enough but add in sleepless nights from the worry, and you can say hello to a myriad of other potential health concerns. In addition, if an infestation goes too long, bed bugs can feed on their host so much that they can cause anemia.

Bed Bug Prevention & Control – Are You Unknowingly Inviting Bed Bugs Into Your Baltimore Home?

Knowing that bed bugs can be picked up literally anywhere and you could unknowingly be inviting them into your home is enough to make a person stop and think before dropping their suitcase on the bed or bringing in used furniture without a proper inspection. Taking precautions is always the first step in preventing a bed bug infestation. Know where and how these blood-feeding pests make their way into your home and how to cut down on the chance of an infestation taking place in your Baltimore home.

  • Hotel Stays: When staying in a hotel, be sure to check the mattress and box spring thoroughly. Look for small blood stains left behind from previous tenants. Keep your suitcase off the floor and well away from the bed. When returning home, do not place your suitcase or clothes on your bed, rather do laundry and inspect your luggage immediately.
  • Bringing Home Used Furniture: Bed bugs are excellent hiders and will hang out in the smallest of cracks and crevices as they hitchhike into your home. Be sure to inspect any used furniture before bringing it inside properly.
  • Transportation Hubs: Do not place your bags on the floor whenever possible when traveling. Be aware of your surroundings, inspecting upholstery before having a seat.
  • Houseguests: Whether you are the houseguest or you have houseguests, be aware that someone could have bed bugs and not be aware of it. Always change sheets immediately and inspect your sleeping arrangements.

Let Pest Czar Take Care Of Your Bed Bug Infestation

Don’t waste time and cause yourself undue stress if you find yourself with a bed bug problem. Call Pest Czar in Baltimore today. We have targeted bed bug control and extermination services using safe and eco-friendly treatments. Let the professionals rid your home of these pesky bugs so you can get back to a good night’s sleep!