Owning property in Maryland means dealing with pests, namely rodents. When home and business owners are ready to combat this problem successfully, our skilled Pest Czar technicians can help. Six easy and effective rodent prevention tips for Baltimore homes can help keep these pests at bay until the pros arrive.

Common Baltimore Rodents & Problems They Cause

This part of Maryland can attract an assortment of rodents; taking the time to learn about these pests can give residents an advantage. Not only are these critters behind several health issues, but they can also cause extensive amounts of property damage.

  • Mice: These little rodents may appear cute in children’s books but are not adorable in real life. Sporting colors of gray to brown with cream to white-colored tummies, mice are proliferate breeders and can squeeze into tiny areas. Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and symptoms of allergies and or asthma are some health problems these pests can cause. Mice can also chew up insulation, walls, furniture, and wood inside homes and businesses.
  • Rats: These furry beasts have long skinny tails and are not some of the most beloved mammals. Transmitting the bubonic plague, rat-bite fever, typhus, jaundice, salmonellosis, and trichinosis are some illnesses these critters can transmit. Rats can also chew wires, piping, and even concrete.
  • Squirrels: Seemingly benign, these fluffy-tailed pests can sometimes make their way indoors to spread disease and cause structural damage.

Four Rodent Prevention Tips

These pests are mainly attracted to warmth and food, so when they find an easily accessible space that offers this combo, they don’t need an invitation. When seeking to keep these pesky devils out of properties, there are four key steps to take:

1. Clean: Declutter and stick to a regular cleaning routine. Stow food in canisters that seal tightly. Keep garbage in an outside receptacle with a lid that stays in place. Wipe counters, sweep floors, and mop promptly in the kitchen and dining room once eating and meal prep are completed.

2. Declutter: Minimize clutter by getting rid of junk mail, old magazines, newspapers, paper bags, cardboard, and unused items. These materials are choice fodder for rodent nests.

3. Keep Pet Area In Check: Rodents love pet food and pet waste. Store pet foods in plastic or metal containers that lock shut. Continuously pick up and dispose of pet waste promptly.

4. Maintain Chimneys: Another route rodents can take indoors is through a chimney. Install a chimney cap to prevent access.

Further Tips For Keeping Rodents Out

These pests aren’t picky when it comes to choosing a nice pathway inside. Such passages don’t need to be big or extravagant; they just need to be available and fairly easy to find. Finishing out the six easy and effective rodent prevention tips for Baltimore homes concentrates on approaching structures from the exterior to deter rodents.

5. Attack Cracks: Wear that deerstalker and snoop around for any possible structural entry points. Pay special attention to doorways, windows, main level, basement, and crawl space. Seal any cracks or gaps with a silicone-based caulk.

6. Trim Greenery: Rodents can take advantage of overgrown limbs cascading from trees, shrubs, and hedges; they run up the main part of the plant and onto the limb, then hop onto the structure. Prevent such events from occurring by keeping limbs cut at manageable lengths.

The Proactive Approach

Six easy and effective rodent prevention tips for Baltimore homes can help Maryland residents combat these icky pests. However, contacting our consummate rodent control professionals at Pest Czar can yield the best results; we assist our clients by efficiently taking care of rodent issues using environmentally responsible products.