Bed bugs are small insects that primarily feed on human blood—typically while the victim sleeps. Although less common, bed bugs may also target pets.

How common are bed bugs? Bed bugs exist in all 50 U.S. states, commonly infesting homes, apartments, hotels, and dormitories.

Where do bed bugs bite you? The most commonly bitten regions include the face, arms, neck, and areas near the clothing line.

Are you noticing indications that suggest a possible bed bug infestation is developing inside your home? Consult with an Annapolis pest control company that understands how to get rid of bed bugs in your house using various tools and application methods. Bed bugs are rather elusive pests that remain hidden in hard-to-reach areas and demonstrate tremendous resiliency. Seeking assistance from a licensed pest controller is the best means of responding to bed bug intrusions.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs in Annapolis often measure ¼ of an inch and have a flat, oval body that appears reddish-brown. People often compare their appearance to an apple seed.

Is It Dangerous To Have Bed Bugs In My House?

Do bed bugs carry diseases? Bed bugs do not spread diseases.

How Did Bed Bugs Find Their Way Into My House?

Bed bugs are “hitchhikers” usually brought indoors inadvertently within someone’s suitcase, laundry, purse, or other belongings.

How do bed bugs get in your bed? Bed bugs cannot jump or fly and simply crawl using their six legs.

Are you wondering how to limit the potential for inadvertently introducing bed bugs to your home? Some of the best practices for prevention include:

  • Choose white or another light color when acquiring pillowcases, sheets, and other bedding materials. This might allow for easier visibility when inspecting the bed area for bed bugs and the signs of likely bed bug activity.
  • Use caution when bringing second-hand furniture or appliance indoors, as bed bugs might exist.
  • If you suspect that you had exposure to bed bugs when traveling, always wash clothing and other similar materials and dry the items using a high-heat setting.
  • Remember to check children’s jackets and book bags when they arrive home from school for any evidence of bed bug activity.
  • After initially entering a hotel room, diligently inspect the bed, mattresses, and other surrounding areas for any signs of bed bugs.

Taking these simple preventative measures is strongly encouraged because ousting bed bugs from your home becomes significantly more challenging once they make themselves at home inside your residence and begin reproducing.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My House?

Annapolis-area homeowners who suspect the presence of bed bugs within their homes should immediately consult with the experts with Pest Czar. We will deploy a trained specialist to the house who performs an exhaustive inspection of the premises, determines the extent of the problem, answers any questions you might have, and explain the best available treatment options.

Our technicians may use Aprehend, an EPA-approved biopesticide available only through licensed pest controllers that deliver superb results for property owners struggling with bed bugs. As a natural, non-toxic option, Aprehend maintains a long track record of safety and will not pose health risks for you or your pets. The product uses fungal spores (Beauveria bassiana) to create a barrier throughout areas where bed bugs travel.

When bed bugs come in contact with this product, the spores adhere to the creature, spreading it among other bed bugs. The formulation intentionally doesn’t kill the bugs on contact, maximizing opportunities for exposing many other bed bugs. Bed bugs and young, developing bugs will usually die within four to ten days Aprehend typically requires only a single application, and it provides residual protection against these pests for roughly three months.

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