It’s winter here in Baltimore and pests are finally gone. Right? Although it is true that many pests have died or found places to hide and are no longer a present issue, there are still some particularly furry pests that would like nothing more than to invade our homes. Of course, we are talking about rats. Every winter, when the weather gets colder, rats look for ways into our warm homes. Will your home be on their radar this year? Let’s find out.

Most Common Rats Here In Baltimore

There are not many species of rodents that invade homes here in Baltimore. In fact, there are only two, the brown rat, otherwise known as the Norway rat, and the black rat, otherwise known as the roof rat. Between these two rodents, the Norway rat is much more common. It invades low, chews through things, and bothers you at all hours of the night. Roof rats are a bit of an oddity in the way they can climb homes and look for entryways higher up.

What attracts rats to our homes?

Around wintertime, warmth is the only incentive rats need to invade. Once inside, however, our cupboards full of food, wall voids for them to hide in, and faucets and leaks for them to get a drink from, provide them with every reason to stay. Most often, when rats invade during the winter months, they stay through spring and into summer, if not dealt with.

Fun fact about rats. Rats are banned in Alberta Canada. Through strict laws and constant vigilance, Alberta has been able to completely eliminate its rat problems. It’s amazing what a community can do when they put their minds to it.

The Problem With Rats

It is hard to know where to start when it comes to the problems rats cause inside homes. We could start with the fact that they chew through anything and everything they can without hesitation. With teeth that can chew through concrete and lead, a rat has no limit to what it can destroy. Plaster and wooded walls? Easy. Utility piping? Bring on the water damage. Air conditioning units? Is that even a challenge? Electrical wiring? No problem. Needless to say, rats are destructive.

How dangerous are rats? If all of the above wasn’t enough, rats are also disease-ridden. As they travel through homes, they drag their dirty bodies over places we eat and sometimes over our food. Rats also leave their excrement and urine in areas we frequently come in contact with. Even if food is out of reach, rats can chew through cupboard walls and into food packaging. Luckily, rats do not chew into refrigerators, so if you want to keep your food safe, that is where you should put it. For non-refrigerator food, consider investing in tough Tupperware containers for repackaging and storage.

The Safest Way To Get Rats Out Of Your Home

When it comes to getting dangerous rats out of homes, there is only one safe solution. Get a professional involved. Here at Pest Czar, we have the tools and experience needed to quickly and efficiently get rats out of your Baltimore home. All you have to do is give us a call. We will send one of our highly trained pest technicians your way ASAP. The last thing we want is for rodents to ruin your winter.

How do you keep rats away once we have left? We have a solution for that as well. For more information on our rat prevention, reach out to us today. One of our friendly pest control representatives would be happy to find a solution to your problem.