Keeping track of the pest control treatments, services, and plans you receive for your property is helpful for budgeting finances, keeping your products or services in order, and ensuring that you always have the information you need right at hand.

What Is Customer Portal?

Here at Pest Czar, we offer our Customer Portal as part of our commercial pest control programs, so you can access your service records, confidential documents, and images that we’ve digitally stored from our service visits. The Customer Portal is easy to use and efficient, meaning you can keep track of every service you’ve ever received, its cost, and when our next service visit will be. You will also have access to information on multiple pests infesting your property, and on the damage they have inflicted to your property.

What Does Customer Portal Do For Business Owners?

You can even keep track of multiple properties through your unique Customer Portal account, ensuring that you never miss what’s going on in your company. With Pest Czar’s Customer Portal, you can customize your Integrated Pest Management plan, talk to our licensed pest specialists, and take a look at the pest-sighting logs across your properties. If cockroaches, rats, ants, mice, spiders, or any other pests have been seen on one of your properties, these logs will store that information, and they will be available to you any time you wish to see them. Additionally, once per year or at your request, we will thoroughly inspect your entire pest program on-site, in order to make sure you are ready for any third party inspections, including audits and health inspections.

Pest Control Is Made Easy With Customer Portal

Pest Czar makes it easy to schedule inspections, service visits, and follow-ups. We decided to take an extra step and make it easy to access all of your pest control information with our Customer Portal. At Pest Czar, we believe that communication is a critical part of any effective pest control plan, so we created the Customer Portal. With the Customer Portal, you will always have a direct line of communication about your service plans and benefits right at your fingertips. Keep track of all your important pest control information with Pest Czar’s Customer Portal!