Sleep is one of the most important things in life. It is also what people, on average, spend most of their time doing. However, being rested is not so much about the time spent sleeping, it’s about the quality of the sleep. If a person sleeps for twelve hours, restlessly, when he wakes up, it can feel more like four hours. When this happens, night after night, it can seriously affect your life. Restless sleep is just one symptom of a bed bug infestation, especially if you are aware of their presence. And once bed bugs get in, it can be extremely difficult to get them out. Here are some reasons why.

Why Bed Bugs Are Hard To Treat Alone

Bed bugs are crafty pests that are adept at hiding. Did you know that it would take a minimum of two hours for you to do a thorough inspection for bed bugs in your home? And that’s knowing what to look for. The reason why the inspection takes such a long time is because of how good bed bugs are at staying out of view. This can make treating them difficult. It’s not hard to have high hopes when you go to the store to buy DIY pest control. Your pesky bunkmates will be gone in no time, right? The only issue with this is that without the proper knowledge of bed bugs, and training on how to deal with them, 9 times out of 10, the DIY products you spent good money on will fall short. For this reason, it is always best and much easier to place your bed bug treatment solutions into the hands of the pros.

How Our Professional Bed Bug Treatments Work & Why They Beat DIY Every Time

Here at Pest Czar, we use a product called Apprehend when dealing with bed bugs. Apprehend is an EPA-registered, non-toxic pest control product that only takes one application to effectively eliminate bed bugs. This means no extra hassle for you. We’re in, we’re out, and bed bugs follow shortly after. How does it work? You may ask. Apprehend works by creating a barrier around sleeping areas and other locations where bed bugs like to hide. This barrier consists of fungal spores that are deadly to bed bugs but harmless to humans. Once the treatment has been applied, you will see full results in about 3-7 days. In addition, unlike other treatment methods that only deal with existing bed bugs, Apprehend continues working for months after application. You won’t notice it’s there, but the bed bugs will. If this revolutionary way of dealing with bed bugs sounds like what you are looking for, give us a call. One of our highly trained service representatives would be happy to help you today!