No homeowner wants pests of any kind in their Baltimore home, and bed bugs are no exception. Don’t let their small size fool you, these insects cause big problems, and eradicating them can be incredibly difficult.

Bed bugs find you while you’re sleeping and bite you to feed on your blood. Before you know it, you’ll have lots of itchy little red bumps all over your body. Many homeowners don’t understand where bed bugs come from or when they have an infestation. Learn the signs now and how Pest Czar can save you.

Sign #1: Bites On Your Skin

The first and most apparent sign that you have a bed bug issue is usually discovering that you have bed bug bites. The welts will be in clustered patches, often in a straight line, resembling a rash, most commonly on your legs, arms, face, and neck.

A filthy atmosphere isn’t what draws bed bugs, as people often presume. It’s blood these bugs want because it’s their sole food source and helps them to thrive. That said, they’ll be in places with lots of human or animal activity, like schools, offices, hotels, and bus stations. Keep an eye on your personal bags and clothes while out. Bed bugs will find their way into your belongings and hitchhike back to your home With time, they’ll crawl to:

  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Couches
  • Mattresses
  • Upholstery
  • Fabrics
  • Wood trim
  • Flooring
  • Wallpaper

Sign #2: Stains On Surfaces & Fabrics

Bed bugs will release blood drops and reddish-brown substances as they creep along. If that wasn’t icky enough, they’ll drop their powdery feces too. It will be black or brown, and fragmented. Look for these different marks and blemishes on sheets, pillows, furniture, and other fabrics, as well as counters and other surfaces.

The typical bed bug in households is reddish-brown, circular, and 1/4 of an inch long. Bed bugs are segmented into three sections, with a small head, larger tail section, and an oddly-shaped middle section. Six legs and two antennae stick out from their bodies. The eggs they put out are pearly white and house their translucent young. These insects reproduce quickly and prolifically.

Sign #3 Odors In The Air

When bed bugs infest a residence, there will be a noticeable scent around. You are practically guaranteed to consistently smell mustiness.

Here are some ways you can prevent bed bugs:

  • When you’re outside of the home, avoid putting your personal effects on the floor.
  • Always get another hotel room far away if you see bed bugs in your unit, and alert maintenance.
  • Use a protective cover for your luggage.
  • After traveling, use hot water and high heat to clean your clothes.
  • Use a flashlight to regularly inspect box springs, headboards and footboards, and mattress seams. Check beneath the bed too.
  • Look over laundry, bags and purses, furniture, and drawer interiors.
  • Examine secondhand items before purchasing or using them.

Pest Czar Bed Bug Extermination

Part of why Pest Czar has a top rating with the Better Business Bureau is we have specialized services, such as for bed bugs. These intrusive insects necessitate mighty, custom approaches. Our safe solutions include Apprehend biopesticide, a fast-acting treatment that’s non-toxic, long-lasting, and approved by the EPA. Get back to bed! Call us today to schedule an inspection.